Thursday, January 26, 2012

Spring 2012 Garden Update no. 2

Clockwise from upper left; carrot, lettuce and kale.

We have sproutlings!  So far only my lettuce really seems to really be coming in, but the kale is coming in almost as good; I just didn't plant as much of it.   And, only one seed of the carrots, so far seems to have made it's way to the surface.  I think more will pop up, I just hate waiting.  Unfortunately, not much else is showing signs of life, even though it's been about 10 days, which was the maximum days to emergence on the seed packets. So, we'll see if anything else shows up in the next week or so.

Happy Spring Planting!


  1. Hey there! Found you on Manic Mrs. Stone today, thanks for the tips on how to use the old bottle caps! Always wanted to know how to do that with the epoxy! Also, your garden is quite nice, makes me want to try my hand at gardening but I'm such a plant killer I wonder if its even worth a go?

  2. Hey, I found your blog via Mrs. Stone. I am jealous that you have things growing! I can't wait until spring and my new balcony so that I can get my green on!

  3. I'm jealous. Snow here (1 foot of it!) I found your blog via Mrs. Stone.