Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kaua'i, Hawai'i Day 1 {Doing Vacation Ourselves}

Here's our Day 1 of our trip to Kaua'i {pronounced Ta-why by the natives}.  I'm posting pictures and links for everything we did and saw with a few short stories and thoughts.  If you're planning a trip to Hawaii and thinking of visiting Kaua'i you might find this information very helpful or at least interesting.  Enjoy...

Leaving the desert for the island.

Once we arrived my sister greeted us with a lei, you know the flight attendants don't do that anymore right?

First stop was the Beach Hut.
I enjoyed an Ono Fish sandwich and some fries.  The perfect post flight food. 
Super yummy and super sweet view from their upper patio deck.

After enjoying a quick meal, we checked into our hotel at the Banyan Harbor Resort.  My mom booked the "room" for us, which actually ended up being a two bedroom, two bath, condo with stairs {not baby friendly, thankfully she only fell once and it wasn't bad}.  Here's the first floor:

After unpacking we rushed to a luau at the Smith's Family Plantation.  We arrived just when they finished roasting the pig.  Of course, I didn't eat any pork but I heard it was amazing. The first thing Cupcake noticed were all the roosters.  They used to use the feathers from certain chickens for ceremonial costumes but after the years the chickens have mixed and bread so now they can't tell them apart and ALL the chickens and roosters are protected.  They are everywhere!
Cupcake and Daddy 
This peacock was trying to impress his peahen and she was not impressed.  But, I was! 
Check out this video, ignore the commentary.

Including; a Mai Rai and Hawaiian fruit punch.
The Cupcake and her cousins.  
She had so much fun with them! 
The Food. 
Papaya Dressing and Lava Guava Dressing?! Yes, Please.  Both were delicious.
The Meat, I didn't eat any, but heard it was yummy and included it for those of you like steak and pork. 
my plate: lots of salad, sweet pineapple bread, taro, cucumber salad, and fruit. 
desert for two: coconut cake and rice pudding. 
Cupcake and her cousins dancing. 
Cupcake really enjoyed this music and dancing.
Did you know that originally women were not allowed to do the sacred dances.
It wasn't until Captain Cook came, that they started dancing.
Unfortunately, that sounds like he wanted some strippers and this is what he got.  It actually really disturbed me to hear about the white washing of the Native people's and their culture. 

Day 1; review and thoughts; check into a comfortable hotel, eat some yummy food, skip the luau and enjoy the culture without the performances.  This isn't Vegas!

Day 2-6 coming up this week.  Happy Hawaii photo viewing!

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