Wednesday, March 7, 2012

{W&G Wedding} Bathroom Baskets {a what to include post}

Let me start by saying how unmaintained my bathroom was at my wedding.  We all got ready there and then I walked down the aisle, no one cleaned up, no one put away their curling irons, and no one gave me a basket full of goodies to put out.  I didn't realize how gross it was until I went in there to change into my getaway dress.  So, when my soon to be sister in law mentioned she hadn't thought about the bathrooms I offered to make her these fully stocked bathroom kits for her guests, since about half the crowd will be the same guests at my wedding.  I wanted to put some good wedding karma out there.  This is what I included:

For the Ladies:
Perfume and Body Sprays
Hair Spray and Gel  
Off Brand Tylenol
Facial Wipes
Travel Deodorants
Grooming kit; tweezers, nail file, manicure scissors, nail clippers
Clear Nail Polish
Hair Ties
Baby Powder {even though I would NEVER use it on a baby!}
Bobby Pins
Monogrammed Tissues
Sewing Kit
Saline Solution
Tooth Picks
Lint Roller

For the Guys:
Off brand Tylenol
Grooming Kit: tweezers, nail file, manicure scissors, nail clippers
Mouth Wash
Travel Deodorants
Tooth Picks
Comb and Scissors
Saline Solution

Total cost for EVERYTHING was about $50
Ladies basket from Cost Plus, World Market about $10
Guys upcycled cigar box from Wine and More about $5

I went around the house first to see what I had unopened and unused and added all those things, then I headed to the 99c store and picked up as much as I could there, then headed to target.

A few thing I'd include next time:
Bleach Pen
Pepto Bismol
and Tums

I'll be posting pictures from the big day and week of over the next few weeks.  So keep an eye out!

Happy Wedding Prepping!

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