Monday, April 16, 2012

A Project a Day; Weekly Challenge

I have recently been trying really, really hard to dedicate at least part of my day towards a project around
my home.  It ranges from food, to cleaning to crafting and I'd like to invite you to join me!  So, I'm hosting a weekly round up of projects from your week, all you have to do is link it below!

Day 1; Nourish.  Dedicate one day of your week to nourishing you and your family.  It could be making a full meal from scratch or focusing on a time consuming recipe, or making sure to focus on organic ingredients.  For example, this week I made pasta sauce from scratch for an eggplant bake with fettuccine.  I know my family enjoys this meal so I took time to focus on it.

Day 2; Upcycle.  Dedicate at least one day to turning something, damaged, discarded or disliked into something new and awesome. For example, recently I dyed stained white clothes, black so that I'd wear them! and I refinished a yard sale chair {pictured above}.

Day 3; Clean.  Dedicate at least one day to cleaning a big or neglected project.  For example, this week I pulled out the stove and fridge to sweep and mop underneath, needless to say it was not pretty.

Day 4; Create.  Dedicate one day to making something. It could be painting, taking photographs, drawing or something else you enjoy doing.  But giving yourself some time to create something will allow your mind to express what you're thinking, and beautify your home and life.

Day 5; Educate.  Take one day to learn about something.  Did you recently google something and get a quick answer? Take one day to find out more, go to the library or order a book about the topic.  Find resources and share the knowledge with someone you love. I recently started reading Primal Mothering in a Modern World and am stoked to have a refreshing outlook on the topic!

Day 6; Exercise.  Take a day to focus your energy on your body.  Go on a walk if that's not part of your routine. Maybe a bike ride, or a hike.  Maybe you have a gym membership you never use, use it!  Just make a conscious effort and focus on your body and pushing it, maybe it's as simple as taking the stairs, either way, document it and share it!

Day 7; Reader's Choice.  I thought of a few options for day 7 including; Rest, Repeat {something above}, Revisit {something you started but didn't finish} and while I like all of those options I think you should have some input on what you do.  So take the seventh day to do something for you, whatever YOU want and will make YOU happy.  {above; a picture of me happily meditating on the beach, my other choice was gardening so there's 2 more ideas for you}.

Once you've done some or all of these, blog about it and link it below.  I'm so excited to see what you all are doing in your creative lives!


  1. I think I'm going to have to try this. But I'm not going to post anything until I FINISH trying it because I'm horrible at following through lol!!!

    1. Even if it only inspires you to do ONE project, post about it or link up because I want to see EVERYTHING people do that is creative or beneficial to themselves or their families :)

  2. This is a great idea!