Thursday, May 10, 2012

D.I.Y. Instant Art and Decor.

These glowing vessels above were created by my 9th and 10th grade students after learning about the Artist Eva Hesse (see previous blog post).  Can you guess what they're made from?

The artist, Hesse, often worked in unconventional materials such as fiberglass and latex.  The vessels above were inspired by these:
Repetition Nineteen III, 1968

We used packing tape to create our vessels and worked from the inside out, meaning that I faced the sticky side out and wrapped the tape around a coffee container then slid it off the container and faced another layer of tape with the sticky side in, both sides become smooth and the more layers of tape create the slighly opaque affect and the more "messed up" the tape gets the more unique the vessel becomes.  I dropped in some tea lights to give them a glowing affect and you could do the same for instant party decor OR you too could teach this art lesson to your students.  I actually don't demonstrate how to create the vessel until after they make their own that way they have to problem solve for themselves.  It's A LOT of fun to watch and an even prettier outcome.

Happy Art Making!

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