Thursday, June 21, 2012

Anniversary Week 2012; The {Bachelor &} Bachelorette Party

One of the most significant events or ceremonies of a wedding is the bachelor party.  But what about the women?  What do they do? How do they celebrate?  Well, here's my bachelorette party and all the women who made my coming of age ceremony worthy of sharing on my blog...

We kept it classy starting the evening with a spa treatment, 
followed by dinner out at Malee's Thai Bistro.
My sister and Janay 
An inside joke, sort of. 
Notice our shoes? Amber ALWAYS has the best shoes! 
Both of these lovely ladies are now expecting mamas! how the time flies! 
What's with the costume jewelry?!

As a way to keep the night entertaining, my friends purchased plastic jewelry from the nearby target. I was "dared" into tasks that resulted in the jewelry prizes.  I was so good at my dares, that we actually got cut off from the bar.  Even though, I'd only had drinks.  I keep it lively even when I'm sober or only slightly intoxicated.

ONE of the two drinks and look at all those dares I already completed. 
please exsuce the poor quality, some of these were downloaded off of myspace page when my hard drive crashed last year. 
These gals are some of the best I know!  I love looking back on this time, thankful for all the great friendships I had/have.

OH! but what about the bachelor?  What did he do?
Him and his friends enjoyed a nice day at Big Surf.
Parking lot pre-party fun.
My Father in law offered to buy them all Ice cream at the end of the day. 
How could they say no?

So, there's one more glimpse into my premarital past.  
Hope you enjoyed it, more photos of the wedding to come.
I can't believe how much these friends have and have not changed in the past four years.

Hope you're enjoying Anniversary Week here on the blog.

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  1. Oh, no: that's terrible about your hard drive! I've had that happen, and it sucked. Still looks like fun!