Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Anniversary Week 2012; The Bridal Shower

As promised, here's my bridal shower photos from 4 years ago, in honor of Anniversary Week on my blog...

Can you believe all the gifts there were?! I still can't!
So many generous family and friends contributed to make my shower truly feel like a shower of love.  I, actually, still have some of these ribbons and wrapping paper saved; because they are so beautiful.  I've shared them as gift packaging to other new brides and grooms over the years and still have more to share along with a few pieces saved for memorabilia. 
Just a few of the lovely ladies who joined me for my bridal shower.
and a few more.
I look sort of drunk here, but I was just so excited about these square bowls!

Do you ever look at old photos and wonder where on earth you put that adorable outfit you have on in the photo? That's happening right now to me! I loved that little black dress with my handmade belt and cameo.  Now, where the hell did I put it???

Are you sick of wedding themed photos yet?

I hope not, because next are the Rehearsal, Bachelorette party and Honeymoon.
Why am I skipping the wedding? Because, I already shared it here, last year.


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