Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Before and After Kitchen Shelves {How to install IKEA shelves}

I'm so excited about my new pantry!  We don't really have one in this house and we've been storing our dry food in the laundry room cupboards, which is inconvenient.  So, my mom offered to purchase these new shelves for us, and Husband hung them up as an Anniversary present.  They weren't difficult, per se, they were just time consuming and not really something I could do while watching Sonja.  I helped though!  

First, I marked all the holes on the left by making sure they would fit above the light switch.
HOWEVER! I didn't think about the electrical box sitting in the wall, granted we didn't have any problems, I would recommend moving it up or over if you have a similar set up.
I marked with pencil inside of the holes, but Husband requested in the future, to use a marker.
I spaced them out every 13 inches so a 12 inch item could fit on the shelves
I also marked 5 inches away from the door frame to make sure they lined up and were centered.
Do not attempt this without a level, you will hate everything if you have to redrill into concrete/brick because your shelves aren't level.
These shelves didn't come with screws for the wall.  So, we picked up a set of screws and anchors from home depot and they were a good fit for our brick wall.
We used the red ones, but it's great to have all these sizes for different projects in the future.
Even though Husband claims he will never drill into the brick again.
We'll see about that...
Close up.
LEVEL it's really important to double check your work before you start drilling in the final set!
**SOMETHING IMPORTANT, we didn't realize was that each shelf was slightly different.  We're talking 2 or 3 cm different.  So, my original marks were slightly off.**
The times he had to re-drill, because the holes were slightly off, were so frustrating for him and I felt like it was my fault {even though it wasn't}!
Done and Done.

I'm so happy with my new shelves and bulk storage.  Now, I can see when we're low on something and I don't have to walk all the way to the laundry room when making meals.  It's a perfect set up for our home and pretty too!

Thanks Husband!

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