Monday, August 20, 2012

Michigan Vacation 2012

I've been meaning to collect the photos from this trip for weeks now!  I was under the weather with morning sickness for most of the trip so the majority of photos were taken by my mom and sister.  I did however, eventually get enough energy to use my DSLR a few times.  However, the majority of the photos I did take were on my iphone and therefore instagramed.  Here's our trip in review and some anecdotes along the way.

Oldest memory of visiting my grandmother is always this "paper" plane.
It's midnight there and this girl had plenty of entertaining energy.
The next morning she brought me a wildflower from the backyard she picked with my mom.
One of our first stops was the farmer's market Saturday morning.
They didn't have as much pesticide free foods as our local market but I was able to ask around and find the booths without pesticides!
Rosemary infused vinegar just like I make (for cleaning and cooking!) along with jams and treats!
After the market we headed to sam's club (limited grocery selection, no whole foods in sight)
turns out they had a decent organic selection. (minus those potato things my mom bought but never ate)
Flowers in the front yard.
Play time at Great Grandma's and in the backyard of my aunt and uncle's.
Tuesday we headed north to Mackinac Island and we stayed inland at a hotel, this was our view...
Tuesday afternoon we took a ferry to the Island.
Please ignore my damaged camera, I'll pretend that black "dust" mark is my watermark.
Sneaking pretzels on the boat ride to Mackinac Island
Mackinac has a charming no car rule.  They only use horse and buggy and bikes.
Ice cream and caramel apples
My mom.
We headed home around 9pm just in time to see the sun set on the Mackinac Bridge.
Wednesday morning we headed back to my aunt and uncles, but not before enjoying some rainy weather and gift shoppe shopping.
My mom entertained Sonja by feeding the seagulls cheerios on our balcony. 
I didn't buy or eat anything you see here, but Mackinac is known for it's fudge so you can image the goodies around town.
My mom did end up buying like 4 bags of popcorn though...
Caramel Apple Popcorn.
After the candy shopping and lunch we headed back to my aunt and uncle's
Blowing bubbles with Grandma.
Saturday we went to my Grandma's home and Sonja played with her great grandma.
These are a few of my favorite things from my grandmother's house.  
My grandma's house if filled with vintage toys, Sonja had a blast!
My Grandma's backyard and our several attempts at a four generation photo.
There were better photos BUT they all had Sonja's face so I couldn't post them here.
4 generations in one photo, how sweet is that?
Sunday, my aunt took Sonja for a walk to see some horses nearby and these are the photos she took while I was sick in bed.
Sonja loves horses so much after this trip she keeps asking her Daddy to buy her a horse on his way home from work {when he stops at the store in the evening for groceries} 

My sister actually took more photos but I haven't seen them yet, don't be surprised to check back and see a few new photos in the mix once I do get ahold of them!

And that was our trip, not many attractions or places to see, but it was nice to relax with family around. And I'm happy I was able to share the memory of the midwest with my daughter, it was always my favorite part of summer, when we would go see my Grandmother.

Happy Traveling!

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