Monday, September 17, 2012

D.I.Y. Washi Tape Cupcake Toppers

Sonja turns 2 in just a few short weeks.  Each week I've attempted to complete a project for the party, this week I made the cupcake flags using tooth picks from the dollar store and washi tape from Sweet Shop Lulu.  You'll also need scissors if you want the same look.

 I just tore a 4 inch strip of tape, stuck a tooth pick in the middle and folded the two sticky sides together...

 Then cut out a triangle shape from the end.
 As I got a feel for it, I tore a few strips at once and did a few at a time.
 I also found using my leg {as pictured below} really helped!
 I found I could cut up to about 4 at the same time without any weird issues.
 Super simple, I made about 20 in 7 minutes.  I can't wait to stick them in some cupcakes!
 below: the scraps:

Happy Crafting and Party Prepping!

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