Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Thoughts on Pregnancy {communicating with baby}

I've been slacking on my weekly updates about this pregnancy but I am in the process of a 4 week post coming up I promise! Until then, I thought I'd share my thoughts on the whole birth thing again.  Revisit my feelings and affirmations and share some advice for other expecting mamas.

Talk to your baby, literally and mentally.
Just because your baby doesn't speak English, doesn't mean they don't understand what you're saying.  Your thoughts and emotions transcend language.  If you ask your fetus nicely, they will listen.  

For example, when Sonja was in my uterus, I asked her and told her, I'd love for "her" {the sex was unknown} to weigh in at 7 pounds at her birth.  I was so scared of a big baby.  I thought 7 pounds was a nice safe number.  I told her and asked her almost daily, "Remember, come on out when your 7 pounds, please."  She did. On the dot. Two weeks early.  I feel a little bad about that, about asking something selfish, maybe she wasn't quite ready.  Her latch sort of hurt those first two weeks, her cheeks could have developed more if I didn't pressure her and her lungs too.  Also, it was silly of me to ask for a weight limit, I should have been asking for a head size limit if anything.  Her head was 14 1/4 inches (big enough for my midwife to think her assistant measured wrong the first time and do it again).  It was so big that on my one and only push to deliver her, she came out at once.  I was pushing for maybe an hour or two, but the one that had enough force to get her head out also shot out her whole body.  I didn't really tear at least not bad enough for any repairs and everyone was healthy.  But, maybe a bigger baby but a slightly smaller head would be gentler on my yoni.

I know several moms who are hoping for a baby to be born before certain holidays, or to be smaller, or a variety of other requirements.  My advice to those mamas is, Talk to your baby, he or she will listen, and if he or she doesn't, its for a more important reason than you're asking for.  Just my thoughts...

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