Thursday, September 13, 2012

San Francisco and Petaluma Days 1 & 2

First stop was the Japanese Tea Garden at the Golden Gate Park.
I really wanted miso soup but their cafe closed at 4 and we got there at 4:30pm.  
Instead of putting Cupcake back in a car seat we decided to play for a while...
Sonja ran to these apples while I inspected a Louise Nevelson Piece.
I loved this spider web.
After the park we grabbed a quick snack at a coffee shoppe and then headed to Husband's cousin's house in Petaluma {about an hour north of San Francisco}
The Farm House we stayed at in Petaluma. Owned and Restored by Husband's cousins.

Day 2 we headed south again to Sausalito, a small town just north of San Fran.  We stopped at Cibo for coffee and they had macaroons!  Raspberry macaroons.  You can imagine my excitement.
This little Cupcake started scooping out the coffee coated sugar from her Daddy's espresso cup.
Vegetarian sandwich with a corn and tomato frittata.
After our food we walked around so Sonja could see the boats...
This one is for sale if anyone is interested!
That "building" at the end is a boat!!
We didn't eat here, but the food on the plates as we walked by looked amazing!  If you're in the area I highly suggest checking it out.  Next time we visit it will be on my list.
Further down the street we saw the shore to the bay and lots more shoppes.
It was SOOO windy!
They labeled all the biking signs in multiple languages, yet everyone still road their bike on the street instead of the path!

After our adventures in Sausalito and a nap back at the farm house, we headed to dinner with the cousins.  They took us the back way through the historic downtown of Petaluma {which reminds me of Prescott} to a pizzeria.
Each Pizza weighs four pounds, so for every two slices you eat, you just ate a pound of pizza!
I had a salad and half a slice.
After a very filling meal we headed back to their house for a quiet night, where I feel asleep early.

Days 3, 4 and 5 tomorrow, check back then!

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