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Pregnancy Round 2 {15 & 16 Weeks}

Checking in for my bi-weekly pregnancy update {Sorry. no photo this week}

Week 15 was a good week.  Not much to update on...  I don't know if I mentioned that we're still breastfeeding at night.  It usually only takes a few suckles before my Sweet Sonja is out, but it's been painful and I'm sort of over it, but also sad to end it.  So, I've just sort of been letting it continue, and I'm not sure how much longer I will.  I guess I thought it would be good to document here, in case I forgot how long I nursed during the pregnancy, later on.

I felt a real solid flip or kick from baby this week.  Before, I was thinking I felt something but knew it was early so I wasn't focusing on them, but this week a real solid kicking sensation caught me while I was resting on the couch.  Such a weird sensation I was sure I wasn't going to feel again after Sonja {I really, really only wanted to be pregnant once, but I guess things change and we do what's right for ourselves in the moment, and trying for another baby was right for us!}

I finally felt like everything was returning to normal.  I can walk outside without the overwhelming heat making me want to vomit or pass out.  I'm feeling like I can eat all the foods I want but in small amounts (since my stomach is moved up and closer to my ribs).  I feel generally good most of the time with the exception of minor heart burn and the urge to burp{which I can not do on command} and sometimes when I sit up too quickly I feel a reflexitory urge to vomit, but I never do and it passes instantly.  It's not nausea but more of a stomach contents are so high and close to my esophagus they might just fall out.  It's not a pretty image, but it's real.  And I think that kind of info. makes these posts more educational for other expectant mothers.

Week 16
The only concern I had this week was when I realized wormwood was in an anti-candida supplement I've been taking.  I'm still trying to clear my body yeast completely and it seems this potassium permanganate I've been using is doing a pretty good job, but I'm taking herbs and supplements too.  The one I thought was safe actually has wormwood in it and I'm still not sure how I missed it!  Anyway, the biggest issues I could find was that it's a uterine stimulant {causes contractions} and can lead to miscarriage and birth defects, although I was unable to find out the exact birth defect it can cause.  I started taking it around 8 weeks and haven't had any symptoms or side effects often associated with wormwood, so I think I'm safe.  I hope.  I also couldn't find out the "high doses" amount all of the sites kept referencing, they all said it could cause miscarriage or birth defects in high doses, but then didn't list any mg or source.  VERY frustrating when you're trying to convince yourself that everything is fine.  Which, after consulting my husband and midwife, I think it is.  Needless to say, I stopped taking it immediately.

The interesting thing is; the only reason I noticed it was because Sonja and I have developed a bedtime ritual of taking our multivitamins and supplements together before bed.  She kept asking to have some of my prenatal vitamins.  So, I got her some of her own {sour gummy vegetarian bears} and on Monday night, she was asking what each supplement was.  I got to the candiacin and when she asked, I started to read all the individual herbs and that's when I saw the wormwood.  So, thanks to big sis for looking out.  I really do hope everything is okay because this little baby keeps kicking me and it's making me more and more excited to meet him or her.  Please send your positive thoughts our way.

Oh and on a positive note, I felt the baby kick me strong enough to be felt from the outside!  I was laying in bed with Sonja with my hands on my tummy when baby bumped into it.  Such a sweet moment.

Other bodily changes for week 16 include this sensation of fullness.  Which is a super annoying and bloated feeling in my upper abdomen.  Unless I'm laying on my left side, I feel like my stomach is going to burst.  I know I have a lot more room in there and am going to get a lot bigger, but this past week has been really uncomfortable in terms of stomach and abdomen stretching. Also, in that same realm of discomfort is my inability to stop burping.  I actually can not "burp"; so, I just have these air bubbles floating up and out of my mouth all day long. I wish I could just free up some space by letting out one good belch, but alas my body never learned how to force out a good burp...  Other than that I feel really good and I should note I worked out both this and last week.

Oh! AND we're all out of milk.  Wow, I guess that's a lot of changes for week 16.  This past week while nursing Sonja to sleep as I've done EVERY night for the past 2 years, she latched and said, "milk all gone."  And that was it.  I've had a slightly harder time getting her to sleep now.  I have to sing or rock her, but it sort of solved the weaning problem on its own.  Now, when she's asked this past week for "night night chi chi," I've just reminded her that the milk is all gone.  She usually replies with, "I drink it all," or "New baby has all the milk."  She's taking it much better than I expected.  I still haven't decided if I want to let her drink milk again when the baby gets here.  Part of me thinks, why not? If I have extra she could get some extra antibodies.  The other part of me thinks, she never had to share milk or bonding time with anyone else, so why shouldn't this baby get 100% of my milk... I guess I'll let you know once the baby gets here {mid March}

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