Monday, October 15, 2012

Reason 715: Why I Love Martha.

I get Martha Stewart Living as a gift from my membership to the Desert Botanical Gardens and I have to say, I love her.  Really.  She knows what's up.  Like, she makes the best food, has the best parties and still looks too young to be a grandma.

So, when I saw this recent cover I was curious to see if she showed her granddaughter's face at all in her magazine.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out, she does not!

I guess, I struggle with not being able to show Sonja's face on this blog for both practical safety reasons but more for respect for my daughter.  Sometimes, I take the best photos of her, the activity she's doing, the food she's eating, she clothes she's wearing. And I want to put it here with all my other thoughts and ramblings to keep everything in one space, so I don't forget any of it.  Then, I remember.  This isn't her blog.  This isn't her space.  And, who knows how she will feel when she's older and sees all the stories I've shared about her.  Some embarrassing, but most of them sweet.  The point is, it's not my face, and until she can ask to show her face online {which who knows how that will play out with her daddy} she will not be on this or any other of my public blogs or websites and neither will her new baby brother or sister.

And just in case you need any more convincing here's the creepiest stolen photo story I've heard of lately.

Hope you'll follow along anyway.

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