Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Master Bedroom {Done.Done.&Done... mostly}

I'm so excited to be done with our bedroom!  I was really starting to get frustrated that I was going to have to birth in an unfinished room.  But, Husband was getting sick of it too and gave me the go ahead to get the last few items and he even did all the assembly for the pieces.  I guess the nice thing about co-sleeping is that instead of nesting a nursery for our baby, we nested our family bedroom.  Still not sure how the toddler sleeping situation is going to play out, but for now our room is done and we're very happy with the results. Previous posts regarding our bedroom update can be found here.
View from the doorway. 
Husband picked out this frame from Ikea.
Comforter here.
Sheets here.
Nightstands from thrift store, repurposed and painted {full post here}
Curtains are from Target available here.
{please excuse my prenatal vitamin overflow on my nightstand}
That curtain is covering up the bathroom entrance.  It used to be a pocket door but when we moved in it was just a walkway.  Now, there is a little more privacy.
New outlet covers and light switches from Home Depot
Purple wall is Spiced Plum from Home Depot primer and paint in one by Behr
For the closet I used a tension rod {in the shower department},
but used the same curtains found here.
Door knobs are from home depot.
Detail of the Henna Curtains 
I was going to make my own closet cover and curtains but when I went to buy the rods I found this fabric and so I got it.  It sort of felt like cheating, except I had been looking for fabric for months and I never found what I wanted, so even though they were already sewn and I had to buy them new, it was totally worth it! 
The Curtain Rods are also from Target and available here.

And just to give you an idea of what I started with here are the Befores and Afters...
pale pink upon move in.
My original color scheme and D.I.Y. closet cover.

From the doorway, more pale pink WALLPAPER!
My first color scheme.
My FINISHED Moroccan master bedroom.

Well, mostly finished.  I still need to get a proper light and fan purchased and installed, which can wait until spring 2013 {maybe this, this or this one}.  I also want this mirror form Ikea for the purple wall. AND we need a wool rug, maybe a runner or full.  

Hope you like the upgrade, we sure do!

p.s. If you're curious how much a redecor. project like this runs, I'd say including the bed, mattress, night stands, curtains and lanterns, basically EVERYTHING in this room... about $1000 maybe $1200.  

Breakdown: Bedding about $200, curtains $250ish, Bed Frame and Mattress 600? (should have kept the receipt), Nightstands $15 plus paint, Lanterns $25 each, Outlet covers & door knobs maybe another $25?

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  1. I love it! You're never gonna want to get up once it starts getting colder! ;)