Monday, November 5, 2012

Pregnancy Round 2 {19 & 20 Weeks}

Week 19 started off with a prenatal potluck.  As if anyone needs another reason to use a midwife!  Mine hosts potlucks to help get expecting parents together.  It allows her to see us each for a few minutes for our personal weight, blood pressure, fetal heart rate and such.  But instead of sitting in a waiting room until your turn, you're sitting in a cozy space with people who are enjoying a good time and healthy food.  After all the individual check ins, our midwife sits with the group and chats along with her student midwives.  The Midwifery model of care is really the only way I can image recieving prenatal care.  I will never go to an O.B. and that's not to say some Midwives don't have O.B. tendencies nor O.B.s have Midwife tendencies, it's just MY midwife does things this way and I can't see why anyone would choose a different approach to a normal healthy birth!

At the potluck I weighed 132lbs which is a 14lb increase from my starting weight.  I think that's a good place to be at 19 weeks.  I feel healthy, I know I'm eating what I want and staying hydrated and I don't really care how much I gain in terms of numbers.  But with Sonja I gained 52 pounds and felt HUGE by the time I delivered (finishing weight was 176lb).  This time I started smaller and there has been a slower gain, which I think is more textbook approved {the normal recommended gain is about 25-30lb for my size} and like I said, I don't care about numbers but I know if I'm closer to that range I'll feel better and it will be easier to move during the labor.

Speaking of weight gain, I feel like my thighs are huge.  It's weird how it went there first.  I don't mind and am totally happy with my body and any and all changes it needs to make for pregnancy.  It's just interesting for me to observer and notice these changes in certain spots.  I'm also surprised the weight seemed to gravitate there first, I guess, because with Sonja it all went to my core; abs, hips and chest.  I think I expected my body to act the same way this time, but it's true each pregnancy is different.

Week 20 went by rather quickly and I have been keeping myself busy.  My workouts have not increased but stayed the same.  Yoga is getting harder and I have to make more modifications but I love how limber I feel after class.  Like someone rang me out like a towel, all my toxins are gone and my muscles warm, it's the best feeling.  I notice myself getting light headed after cardio though and that's not great, but I'm working though it.  I weighed myself at the gym and I was 127lb a 5lb decrease from the week before.  I guess I'm still fluxuating as I gain this pregnancy weight. 

For some reason, week 20 was an emotional week.  I started missing old friends and thinking about how I couldn't even reach out to a few of them because I'd lost phone numbers, or too much time has passed, or things ended badly and I don't think they'd want to hear from me... anyway, it started bothering me and I found myself in tears more than once.  Why can't I just tell someone I'm happy for them?  Why can't we just forget about the past and be friends?  ugh.  pregnancy.  So when I forgot my coffee punch card and accidently ordered regular milk in my latte and found myself in tears, I knew it was time to see my midwife.  Luckily, I was already headed over there to drop something off and when I got there she instantly knew I was emotional {even though the tears were gone}.  She made me tea, recommended passion flower, B complex, magnesium powder, and acupuncture 3x a week.  I'm feeling much better and not fixating on the things I can't change.  I am trying to push out any thoughts of people I can't {for various reasons} reach out to and focusing on my family and friends.  

Besides the homorne induced emotional episodes the past few weeks have been very smooth and I'm trying to hold on to this easy phase of pregnancy.  Baby has been kicking and flipping and Sonja loves talking to the baby.  She loves "feeling" baby, even though she's usually in the wrong spot.  Other than that, we've been bonding as a family and starting to think about names.

Speaking of names I can't believe how much I don't care what we name this baby.  I had one name I liked and when Husband said no, I just didn't care.  I mean, I also told him no a few times, but I don't have that nesting urge to pick a name, like eeh, whatever, we'll decide when he gets here {or she gets here... huh, wonder if that was indicative of the gender...}.

Thanks for following along with our pregnancy, I'll be back in a few weeks with another update.  Happy Monday.

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