Tuesday, January 29, 2013

D.I.Y. Hanging Stuffed Wire Heart

I made this for Valentine's day {last year!} to hang as a wreathe and now you'll know how to too!

What you'll need:
Scrap fabric about 24in x 12in
Sewing Machine
Bag of poly fil
Wire Hanger

cut 2 pieces of fabric approx. 24in x6in each 
fold in half "bad" side exposed
Sew the cut edges together, to create an inside out tube. 
Then, flip the tube "inside" out so it will be the pretty side exposed. 
you can see the seam above.
Repeat with second piece of fabric. 
If you're into measuring the seam was a little over a 1/2 inch from the edge of fabric to the seam
Here are the empty tubes 
I stuffed them with this left over poly fil probably purchased at Michael's or Joann's, but first I sewed them together 
Line up the tubes, with seams out so they will be on the inner side of the completed heart
Sew together about 1/2 inch from edge
Insert piece of ribbon for hanging and resew together, this time with ribbon inside
Now the tubes have a lip for the middle this will give it support later
Or if you forgot {like me} sew in the hanging ribbon at this point.
now fill one side with fluff. 
shove it in there with a ruler if you have to... 
pack it full for maximum stuffing. 
side one complete. 
side two still flat. 
in order to give it the heart shape, I used a hanger cut in half and straightened out using pliers 
then I shoved it into the tube all the way to the top
once in all the way, I bent it to the shape I wanted. 
side one complete.
side 2 complete 
fold in the bottom of the tube and in it together 
do the dame to the other side then pin them both together, remove first pin
once the needle is inserted remove the pin and sew together 

Display with some lovely art.

I hope you all forgive me for the blurry images!  I documented this with my old phone's camera, and I've gotten much better at writing tutorials too!  Since, I made this Valentine's Day Eve last year, I figured it was best to save it and post it now. So, now you all can make it this year!  

Good Luck and Happy Crafting!

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