Wednesday, February 27, 2013

BaBEE Sprinkle {a bee themed baby shower}

I didn't want to have another baby "shower" since I didn't really need anything besides diapers for this new addition, but I love a good party so we took the excuse to have a baby "sprinkle" and since bees have been following me around this whole pregnancy I thought I should incorporate them into the party.  My sweet Aunt opened up her home for our guests and my sister and sister in law did a lot of the party prep. I micro managed every step, and my mom helped contribute to the overall cost and purchased last minute supplies.  SO Thankful, to everyone who helped and was able to join us for this fun day. {for more bee sprinkle ideas; here's my pinboard}

Thanks to my brother in law, Wayne, for making the yummy lemonade.  And to Treehouse Bakery for my adorable cake and cupcakes!
Bee Hive cake by Treehouse bakery, cake stand by yours truly.
A little project I made. 
Honeycomb cupcakes {lemon flavor} by Treehouse bakery.
The goodies.
{along with a chalkboard I made} 
Who doesn't love honey bourbon?
And little Burts Bee's too. 
The "Game" Station
Guess how many butterscotch and lemons.
And Guess my Weight! 
Adorable prize bags decorated and contributed by my Aunt Jenny.
Leave Mama a Midnight Message {something fun for me to read while I'm changing diapers in the middle of the night}.
flowers from Gretchen, and look at that uber cute pillow my Aunt bought online.
Guess the Gender {winners will be notified by mail} and Suggest a name {since we still don't have a solid winner} 
The tables.
duck taped water bottles.
Bruschetta from Postino's.
Paninis from Postino's.
Hand cut tortilla chips using hive and bee cookie cutters {by Emily & Jaxon!}
Toddler games and gifts, thanks to my Aunt Jenny.
The guests:
Sonja Helping me open gifts. 
The Real Bees wanted to join us.
So thankful Gretchen stole my camera and documented all the fun, I wouldn't have photos of all these wonderful people!
Baby Gang 
My sister and I 
Just a few lovely ladies.

Now, I can have this baby!

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