Sunday, February 24, 2013

Pregnancy Round 2 {weeks 35 & 36}

35 Weeks was a normal but uncomfortable week.  Every evening ended in discomfort.  I felt like I was still having contractions and yet nothing progressed {thankfully}.  Every time I ate dinner I needed to lay down and rest, I felt like I was going to burst.  On Friday evening we had our 35 week home visit and we made a huge meal for our midwife and her family along with one of her student midwives.  It was a great time until after we ate.  I was so uncomfortable I couldn't enjoy my prenatal visit because my back and stomach were so tight.

Baby was posterior which wasn't surprising  and also might not be a big deal, but with Sonja it did make her birth pretty unbearable.  However, it's the only birth I know, and overall it wasn't as bad as everyone made me think it would be.  The best advice my midwife gave me was to tell myself, "this isn't it. {it's going to get worse}" and then eventually it doesn't and you're done.

36 weeks was the week my midwife can attend my home birth   In Arizona, 36-42 weeks are the home birth safe weeks.  Anything outside of that range is suggested to go to a hospital.  It was also the busiest of my prenatal weeks.  I had a facial on Saturday  so my skin would be glowing at my baby shower the following week.  Sunday, we took a trip to Sedona to see a shaman to help with some pasts drama.  And it was worth the drive, even while pregnant.  I'm actually really glad I went before the baby was born, I thought I could wait until after s/he got here to deal with these issues but I feel so relieved that they were resolved before the birth.  Tuesday was interesting because Sonja woke up and threw up, but then was fine for the rest of the day.  I however  managed to get an ear infection which left me feeling crummy all day.  But I still went to yoga!  Wednesday was a long day.  I got my belly cast done in the morning, complements of my birth team.  Then, I taught art class while we had a snow storm! and the pressure change must have messed with my body because all evening and night I felt uncomfortable, I was awake until past 1am having contractions and warm up back labor.  Thursday was nothing special, although we were able to finally get our car situation taken care of and I'm the "proud" owner of a 2013 Honda fit.  Friday morning I got my Henna on my belly, if you follow on twitter or tumblr you might have seen the images  Saturday was my baby shower, {I was technically 37 weeks} which I plan on blogging about in a separate post. It was bee themed and beautiful outside.  I could not have asked for better weather, food or company.  I'm so grateful for everyone who was able to make it out to celebrate this expected baby.  We love you all, even those too far away to make it.

Now on to 37 weeks, and hoping I don't have too much more time being pregnant.  I'm finally well enough nested I'm comfortable birthing any day, as long as baby's lungs are happy and healthy.


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  1. If baby is posterior, the contractions you're getting might be what some midwives refer to as "turning contractions." Meaning baby is trying to move into a different position before birth. Aldyn was actually posterior before my labor started. I was very close to my due date and labor was start stop for a couple of days when I decided to do the diaphragmatic release taught on spinning babies ( We also did the side-lying release (
    The evening after we did these I started having some contractions, so I went to bed by myself and did hands and knees/knee chest and talked to baby telling him that it was ok to change his position and that it would help him to get out easier when he was ready to come out. He moved out of the posterior during that set of contractions, which died down shortly after he moved positions.

    So, my labor didn't start right away or anything, but I was instantaneously SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE! Everyone talks about back labor with posterior, but I really didn't realize how much I had been having a back pregnancy until he moved.

    Just thought I would share since that might be interesting to think about since your situation sounds like it might be similar.

    1. Thanks for the advice, I will attempt some techniques if I can confirm baby is still posterior, S/He is very mobile and I feel like constant flipping is occurring...

      We've been sort of bad about walking and other activities since the car accident, since I was worried about going into labor early and I didn't want to stimulate anything, but now that we're in the safer zone, I'm trying to force myself back into my workout routine, including walking, running, yoga and such.

      Hoping by doing those things baby will find his or her sweet spot.

  2. absolutely! especially if you have a good feeling about moving, I bet it's your intution and connection with baby and your bodies will do exactly what they need to.