Friday, March 15, 2013

Pregnancy Round 2 {week 37}

I wrote a novel for this post.  Hope you don't mind...

37 Weeks was the week I was, finally, mentally prepared to give birth.  I didn't think I would be this early, but I was comfortable enough with the idea since Sonja was about 2 weeks early.  I wanted to make sure I was prepared by then.  I spent the last week or so getting everything together for a home birth, including all my labor foods.

Sunday, was a very uncomfortable evening.  I finally started having what felt like real contractions, and while I knew they were probably just practice contractions I kept an eye on them.  I tried to time them, but we were at dinner and it wasn't until half way though each contraction that I realized I was having one.  Making the whole timing thing rather impossible and actually a huge waste of time.  So, I stopped, ate my meal, drank my water and headed home with the fam.  They faded after that and I went about my normal bedtime routine.

Monday, was a busy errand day.  I went to Target to get the very last of the missing items for my birth.  After running errands Sonja and I headed home to take our nap.  When I woke up I felt like I was having uterine cramping and contractions.  Around 7pm they started getting uncomfortable and I was trying to decide if I should amp myself up to give birth or conserve my energy for another day.  After texting my midwife to see what she was up to {I didn't want to bother her if it was just practice}, I decided we should stop by just to get a feel for what my body was doing.  Husband ordered himself some dinner {which I did not want} and quickly tidied up the living room, in case the birth team would be heading by.  While doing so, he broke my water.  Literally, broke my glass of water all over the tile {which we couldn't help but laugh about}.  So, I cleaned that up while he went to get his dinner.  By the time Husband got home with his food, they had calmed down and I was starting to feel normal again.  I texted her to let her know we wouldn't be stopping by.  And, I ended up eating ice cream in bed with Hubs and The Cupcake.

Tuesday morning, I headed to my scheduled prenatal appointment at my midwife's office for my GBS test.  While I've declined most blood work and tests during this pregnancy, including the glucose test, I did not want to skip this one.  I know the likeliness of transmitting to baby are low, if present; but the complication if affected are totally preventable.  So it doesn't make sense, to set my child up for an issue, if I can easily prevent it from becoming an issue.

Wednesday evening was the first night I've worked out since the car accident.  I didn't want to push it before.  If I worked out and induced labor earlier it could have been an issue, but I feel comfortable at this point, working out because it's closer to my due date.  There's something liberating about running {even if only for a minute and a half} while 37 weeks pregnant.  I honestly can't think of anything more empowering at this stage of pregnancy.  I'm not a runner, normally; I always get short of breath a few minutes in.  But, to know my body can still sprint with this belly is reassuring, inspiring and comforting.  If my uterus is strong enough to run {and walk} it will be strong enough to birth this baby.  And the stronger ANY muscle is, the easier it can be activated.  Which can only help my quick birth vision, Quick, Pain-less {not a lot of pain, please} and in the Caul are my goals for this birth.

Friday was a normal day, I went to teach, while Husband came home early to watch Sonja.  When I got home from work we took a family nap.  Which I really enjoy these last few weeks because I NEED my rest.  I'm so thankful Sonja is still a great afternoon napper.  I'm hoping that continues on for a few more years!  I have been craving salad {give me all the greens!} and while Husband made alfredo for everyone else, I made him stop and get me a salad from Postino's.  Their Italian Picnic salad sans bacon is my favorite.  We stayed home for the evening and relaxed, just what I needed to end the week.

Next update; 38 weeks!

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