Monday, April 8, 2013

Emily's Bridal Shower {post no. 3; decor prep.}

Painted Plastic-ware.

I HATE plastic!
HATE disposable items.

HATE them.  They're destryoing our oceans and planet. However, I do believe that reusing is better than wasting. So when I needed to add a few more serving pieces to my vintage gold set for Emily's bridal shower, I decided to steal a few of my mom's plastic "silver" ware pieces and upcycled them with a touch of teal.

Here's what I did... 
Taped them to the paper bag with the area I wanted to paint exposed. 
Took them outside and placed them on top of the rest of the paper bag 
And painted. 
I allowed to dry for an hour and then added them to the stash.

After the party I saved them and added them to the dishwasher with the other pieces and they survived, paint and all.  So while I HATE plastic, I'd rather reused these pieces a few more times before tossing them. I'll see how long they last, please feel free to let me know if you've had success with painting real silverware as one of my friends was asking about that after seeing my instagram post of the above images.

Happy Silveware painting!

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