Thursday, April 4, 2013

European Planning Post no. 3

Since my last update on our European 2013 adventure, I've completed a few more items off my to do list!  Not too much with our new baby's arrival, BUT! I did manage to book our flights and another hotel!

Flights are a big deal.  I was really worried about the cost and when I finally found a good {see not outrageous  price, I went for it!  We're flying out from Phoenix to Denver, Colorado to Frankfurt, Germany! On the way there, we've got 11 hours and 18 minutes flight time.  We return from Prague, Czech Republic to Frankfurt to Denver to Phoenix.  That's 13 hours 21 minutes flight time home.  The layovers will hopefully make it easier on the kiddos since they can get off a plane, walk around, eat and run to the next flight.

Our ticket pricing is below:
Traveler 1: Adult  $1,169.60
Traveler 2: Adult  $1,169.60
Traveler 3: Child  $1,039.60
Total:                 $3,378.80

I'm not sure why our child is $100 cheaper, but I'm not complaining.  I do still have to call and add Vera to our flights, hopefully for free.  I had to wait until she was born since we didn't know what her name would be or if she would be a he.  Now that we have a birth certificate, we can start the passport process for myself {mine expires this month} and the girls.

We also booked our hotel in Barcelona {pictured above} and we already had Paris and Geneva booked.  The last major things we need to do include booking hotels for Frankfurt, Luzern {although we might say with friends} and Prague.  We also need to purchase our eurail passes. Luckily, the girls are free since they're under 4 years old!

Other purchases we need to make include a backpacking pack for myself and Husband.  Also finding WARM baby clothes for this little {9 month size} is a big item on the list.  I am still nervous about the whole weather thing for her.  I'm not packing a lot and we're working with limited space so bulky winter clothes are not an option, I'm looking for smart wool or merino wool items. I'm also still trying to decide on the diapering situation.  Usually, when we travel I bring cloth and disposable diapers {since disposables seem to irritate the skin}, but I'm just not sure if I can even fit cloth this time... any travelers with advice?  please leave a comment!

I'll update you all again when I've made some more progress!
Thanks for following along on our travel planning.

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