Tuesday, July 9, 2013

European Planning Post no. 4

It's been a while since I've talked about the trip!

Yes, we're still going, we just got a little busy with a new baby.

However, in the past few months we've ordered our passports {6-9 months out}

We tried scheduling an appointment at a local passport application office {many listed on the .gov website} but found out that many of them were not certified so after calling around only the 615 W. Jackson Street {Phoenix, AZ} application office was WALK IN approved.  Husband came home early on a Tuesday so we could both go.  Both parents must be present for issuing a minor's passport under the age of 16 {or a written reason why with notarization must be provided- which was just as much effort}.  So we decided we should both just go.

Cost for myself's renewal was 100 + 25 Maricopa County processing fee
Sonja's 80+ 25 fee
Vera's 80 + 25 fee
Total: $335 

Thankfully, Husband's is still good for a few more years.  The girls' will only be good for 5 years and mine for another 10.

I also, finally, ordered my backpack! I ordered it from REI since Husband is a member.

I plan on wearing Vera while in Europe {in an Ergo carrier & my friend, Danny, told me Kelty makes a carrier/backpack combo.} so, I tried them both on to make sure I could do both...

We also ordered Sonja a few merino wool pieces from REI on sale.  We still need to buy quite a few warm clothed items for the kiddos but we're doing it slowly so it's not a huge purchase.  We need to order our Eurail Passes sometime within the next few months {I'd like to do it by the end of July since that will be about 5-6 months out from the trip} and then the rest is just saving for food and fun.  I *might* book a hotel in Luzern since we were supposed to stay with friends but I don't like to inconvenience anyone.  If we have extra left over I will see what hotels are available.  Otherwise, all the major purchases have been made!

More updates to come as we get closer!!

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