Monday, July 22, 2013

Non-schooling Update June 2013

I've blogged a few times about our method for NONschooling our children, and thought I should share a little of what that looks like now that we're starting to become more educationally oriented like, math, writing, reading and such.  Non-schooling doesn't mean not educating our kids, it means not schooling them in a traditional sense, with clocks and schedules and windowless rooms.  I believe students learn best when individually interested in a specific subject at a non-specific time.  Meaning, clocks don't help with the education process.  As a teacher I struggle with the rigidity of a schedule because I know my students are disinterested or would rather be somewhere else, at least some of the time.  I LOVE schedules, I plan everything MONTHS IN ADVANCE, so non-schooling is challenging to me, but what I believe will benefit my kids the most. 

Now for some examples and ideas...
My Father-in-law {FIL} gifted Sonja a year subscription to green kid crafts and she was so excited each time a new package arrived on our door step! Above is a sun sensitive paper project, allowing for photographic development activity with natural objects.

This is another green kid crafts {GKC} project. In the kit was a balloon, glue and tissue paper, with directions we were able to create globes.  we made two; one for Sonja and one for Vera.  Since it was more of a fun activity we didn't place the green exactly where it should be but discussed more of the concept of land and water.  We have a BEAUTIFUL globe with proper borders and we'll eventually get to geography, but for now we made these... 

 I LOVE this little cloud namer we also received from GKC whenever Sonja sees clouds in the sky {which is sadly RARE here in the desert} she gets excited and grabs her cloud finder.  We look out our front window and compare which clouds she sees to the clouds on her frame.  It's cool because I'm not super into science or history but these activities also educate me.  Can you name all the types of clouds?!
 After we look at the cloud finder we agree on the type of cloud we see...

A more crafty project from GKC is this necklace activity with air drying clay.  We smashed it {fun sensory activity} and then pressed a dried leaf onto it, Sonja painted it with the environmentally friendly non toxic pigment. 
Then, we punched a hole in it and let it dry, it's one of her favorite pieces of jewelry. 
While not all of the GKC projects are all that "Green" Sonja loved all of them.  I thought their use of plastic was excessive for an environmentally minded company but then again I've yet to find anyone else who uses less.  

And that's what non-schooling looks like to us {with an almost 3 year old} In case I missed anything, you can also follow along on my tumblr with the hashtag #nonschooling and add your own #nonschooling images to the mix!


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