Saturday, September 14, 2013

D.I.Y. Cupcake: European Planning Post no. 5

We got our Eurail passes in July.  Since, we're both over 26 years old we had to get the first class passes which included quick shipping, I think I literally got them the next night.  

I've still got to book our hotel for Frankfurt and get a few more warm clothes items.  I'm also buying some snack foods each time I go to the store so we don't get hit with a huge shopping trip the week before.  I plan on checking a few small snack items like peanut and almond butter {hard to find there!} and other fluids. But we're three months out and I basically just need to focus on saving for food while we're there.  My goal is about $100 a day for a family of four, which sounds like a lot, but when you consider we'll mostly be eating out each day it's really not.  Also, that money is going to cover any activity costs, so wish me luck!

Thanks for following along, I'll be posting again once we've got more supplies and are packing!

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