Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkin Patch at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix

It's weird living somewhere without many seasons.  It's pretty much just hot and cold here.  So when holidays roll around like Halloween, or even Thanksgiving it looks a bit different here than the rest of the country {or even world}.

We don't get changing colors, we get green cacti, year round.  We don't get to wear scarves or boots until mid December if at all.  And the pumpkins in my garden are still green, if I'm lucky they'll be almost orange by Thanksgiving.

So we pretend.  We go to Pumpkin Patches where the Pumpkins litter the hay on top of really dry dirt.  We wear tank tops and get a little bit of a tan while searching for the perfect pumpkin.  We take pictures of fake leaves and acorns because, well we just don't have the real thing.  With all that in mind, here's our recent field trip to the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix {how has it already been two years since we were here last?!}.
Sonja was SOOO excited to go on the tractor ride! 
When we first arrived we walked through the hay maze!
Then a quick stop at the petting zoo.
(I actually dislike petting zoos for the same reason I dislike zoos, the animals do not want to be there and I think it's sort of evil to keep an animal against it's will even if they are the sweetest and nicest people feeding only the best food to these animals {which I doubt they were}.  but I digress, and after seeing the animals here it allowed for some dialog between Sonja and myself on what is appropriate and what isn't when caring for animals}
ALSO, this BABY pig was the sweetest, and just so everyone knows there's no such thing as teacup piggies, once they're full grown they're huge.  ALL PIGS, so please don't rush out and get one after seeing one at the petting zoo, unless you want a GIANT pig in your home {which is cool, just know what you're getting into}
After my tangent about petting zoos, please accept these pumpkin patch photos as an apology.
My sister tagged along to help with these two kiddos!
Kids 12 and under get a free pumpkin so we spent some time trying to find the PERFECT one.
My sister in law also brought the little girl she nanny's {which is one of Sonja's best friends now!}
After picking out such a perfect pumpkin the girls decorated them at the craft station.
After crafts we listened, and the girls danced to some Pick & Holler
After hanging out on the pumpkin patch we took a hayride back to the main event which had some games and food. 
Cactus Toss.  She actually got this one in the hole! 
Digging for snakes {which is actually a VERY BAD idea!}
And spin the wheel, whatever image it lands on is what prize bucket the kids can pick from.

AND THAT was our field trip to the Pumpkin Patch.
I can't wait to carve the pumpkins from here.  Halloween is my favorite holiday so you can imagine how much I love thee types of events.  Since we have a membership to the Desert Botanical Gardens this fun filled morning was FREE!

If you're in the Phoenix area I highly recommend getting a membership!

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