Monday, March 3, 2014

Devoured Phoenix Saturday Recap {a quick photo essay and link to Modern Times Magazine}

Thanks to Modern Times Magazine and Wayne Schutsky {and Devoured Phoenix} I was able to photograph the local culinary event of the year! See the full article and live tweets from Wayne on Modern Times Magazine Here.
Once the press passes were on, we were in action. 
Welcomed with one wine glass each and a smiling face we set off into the VIP crowd. 
The passport was a great resource for finding restaurants, sponsors and of course the wine list. 
The VIP admission starts at 10:30-11:30 am, crowds are minimal and there are no lines, definitely worth the investment.
Our first stop was SanTan brewing company, which surprisingly didn't bring any beer. However, their pork tenderloin and mac and cheese had me already forgoing my usual vegetarian diet. 
Ethiopian cuisine, with 'bread' so soft it was almost a sponge texture, perfect for gathering and supplying transport for the various ingredients on this plate.
Next Stop, Roka Akor, known for their sushi, this mushroom dish was smoked and full of garlic, a savory dish even I, a mushroom hater, could enjoy. {Devoured is definitely not for the picky eater, I had to try things I would normally never eat to really enjoy all the dishes}
Then we headed up to the VIP lounge to see what they had to offer.
The only hard liquor at the event, featuring the Copper City Bourbon from Arizona Distilling Co. in an Old Fashioned Punch. 
Slices of dried oranges garnished the drink {actual drink image featured on Modern Times}
After the bourbon we tried this Avalon Gourmet's Spanish plate. Complete with Iberican ham and goat cheese, this sampling didn't disappoint. 
So, perks of VIP? no lines, special lounge with special food and most importantly this wine necklace to hold your wine for you so you're free to eat, with both hands!
Also in the VIP lounge was Sage Kitchen, featuring specialty non-alcoholic drinks and healthy desserts
These were a combination of coconuts, dates, various nuts and best of all... chocolate.
Dessert bites of {almost gram crackery crumble flavored} ice cream with fresh fruit with mint from the Post a soon to be restaurant opening at the Wren Hotel
And one of my favorite cafes and wine bar; Urban Beans and Tertio with pasta and soup.
Clever Koi was there with Shrimp Banh Mi Sliders {with Sriracha Aioli!}
{hint; bitches food club needs more sriracha and aioli}
Could not resist one of these brownies from La Grande Orange, even though I was SO full. 
And as silly as it sounds, I was so excited to find this bucket of water! After all that food and wine, I just needed something to hydrate with. 
The music helped set the mood even with the inclement weather
At the Beer Garden documenting all the drinks from Hensley Distribution.
He literally tried almost all of them.
I opted for the ciders and was not disappointed.  I tried the limited edition PINK but preferred the traditional Woodchuck Hard Cider. 
This was my favorite display with all the ingredients out for visual and education purposes {Sierra Nevada}.
Did I mention it was raining? in Phoenix?! 
After the beers we ventured back out for more, Thanks to St. Francis we filled up on this beet and citrus marinated salmon with aioli sauce. 
{can I just say how much I appreciate mayonnaise? before our trip to Spain I would have never said that EVER, but after real Aioli sauce, I've changed my mind, so I'm happy to see it was a favored feature at this years event, hopefully Phoenix will keep making amazing food so I can enjoy various foods from around the world}
I think Pink Pony might have been the most impressive booth at Devoured.  With hand stuffed sausage, topped with a macaroni and cheese curd, paired with gumbo, we were highly impressed and they were surprisingly enthusiastic for being awake all morning prepping sausage. 
Not only did they offer the sausage, Pink Pony also had s'more cupcakes and Pink Sparkling Srawberry Sangria. They recently renovated and I can tell you Husband is excited to check out their new space!
The Vig is a family favorite and I love the mini {quail?} eggs on this steak and potatoes. 
Sochue House. sweet and slightly spicy Asian cuisine was a nice variety to the traditional meat dishes, many booths were providing.
North had the BEST Salted Caramel Budino {with creme Fraiche and Maldon Sea Salt}
It was mouthgasmic. 
Right; another sampling from North Italia the Butternut Squash Tortellini, can't resist my favorite ingredient. The sweet squash will always impress me when paired with onions and, in this case, duck. 
Left; mini pizza from Pizza People Pub, a prosciutto and date pizza so good, I actually ordered it for dinner later that night at their main restaurant {and I'm a consistent vegetarian. It was that good!}
by the end of the day, the sky had cleared, the crowd had grown and my appetite was filled.  

For the rest of the images, more food and the live tweets from the event, don't forget to check out Modern Times Magazine.  I Hope to see you next year! I definitely think I'll have to go for both days next time, there were just too many great restaurants both days, and I don't want to miss a bite!

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