Thursday, June 18, 2015

How to Use Essential Oils {Part 3 of 3; Internally}

internal in·ter·nal \in-ˈtər-nəl, ˈin-ˌ\
existing or located on the inside of something : coming from inside : existing or occurring within your body

Let's look at that last part "existing or occurring within your body."  When we ingest something internally we are putting it into our bodies, if it's living it's existing, if it's reacting it's occurring.  When we eat food we are absorbing nutrients into our bodies.  Essential oils are the concentrated nutrients of a plant contained in their oils and therefore can have reactions within our bodies.

This is my least used method of oil uses.  I reserve it for the most extreme cases.  Many people will suggest adding a drop of lemon to water or other citrus to water to help with digestion, speeding up metabolism or for flavoring.  I personally do not suggest this.  Essential oils are so concentrated that one drop of peppermint is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea, so before you add a drop to your water ask yourself if you would drink 28 cups of tea, I probably wouldn't.  Unless I was really really sick.

I choose to use only Pure Therapeutic Grade oils for myself and my family. Here are some of my rare Internal uses...

Protective blends are something used to help support the immune system. I do NOT use essential oils on my babies before they are 6 months old and I always dilute them with coconut oils for my kids.  I never use it internally for children, because topical is enough for them, however for myself, when necessary I will add one drop of the protective blend to 32 ounces of water and drink it, that is a rare internal use for me, but it has helped. 

I treat my essential oils like medicine, while I think they are a wonderful alternative or combination to/with modern medicine, I do view them as medicine but that's only because I view food as medicine too.  So, with that in mind I don't want to abuse it.  I do think oils can be over used or used incorrectly,  I don't think I would use an oil internally without consulting with my doctor {who happens to be a Naturopathic Doctor, and she supports oil uses}.

Like I mentioned above, I also know many people who add one drop of lemon to their water everyday, I don't do this, but I can see the benefit of a drop of lemon in water when fighting a sore throat or if I was trying to boost my metabolism, lemon is known for it energetic properties and for detoxing.  If you put a drop of lemon on Styrofoam it will dissolve the polymer, which is great if you're trying to break down toxins in your body but not great if you're drinking out of a plastic water bottle, so I make sure to always drink my oils with LOTS OF WATER in a glass jar or glass water bottle.

So, while you might find resources on the internet telling you that some oils are safe to ingest, you should do extensive research to the pros and cons on the topic to make an informed decision for yourself.  This book has all the resource information you might need for a given oil.  And as far as children go I would never let my kids ingest essential oils, they can stick with tea when they're sick.  When I've been sick with colds I also stick with tea, but when I have an ongoing chronic issue I will use a Protective blend or a home made recipe of Thieves Oil to boost my immune system internally.  This has been successful in the past, and I keep it as an emergency tool before jumping in for antibiotics/antifungals and if there was such a thing as antivirals {and yes, we do vaccinate for some things, but that's another blog post{s}} And I think it's a great resource to have. I do not in any way suggest you digest essential oils internally.  I'm a blogger not a doctor, I do not offer any medial advice, I'm simply sharing how I keep my family healthy and what works for us.

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