Thursday, October 15, 2015

What I learned at the Absolut Elyx Martini Class

When we first arrived we headed up the swanky hotel stairs to the rooftop bar.
Each table was set with some mixing tools a bottle of Absolut Elyx and a Martini guide book and welcoming pin! 
As if that wasn't enough, we each received a cucumber ginger beer vodka cocktail to start off the night.  It was a simple and refreshing drink before getting in depth about vodka.
This little book is full of fun and interesting information. Such as a martini with two olives is called a  Roosevelt and a Gibson is a type of martini the difference is that is comes garnished with a cocktail onion instead of an olive or peel. I also learned a "wet" martini is half vermouth half vodka, as opposed to the dry and dirty versions.
After we finished our welcome drinks we started learning more about the Martini process.
I loved the story the bartender told us about where the word "cocktails" come from.  The story goes that in the olden days a bar would have all the drinks in large drink dispensers and at the end of the night the bartender would just empty them into a pitcher or glass and those would be the tail end of the drinks or cocktails.  You know I'm a sucker for those antidotal stories for where phrases and terms come from...
Anyway, on to the Martini making.  Each of us started with Absolut Elyx, which I guess I should explain the significance of Absolut's newest vodka while I'm at it.  
Absolut has created lots of flavored vodka and has a wide range of selections, but this vodka is special because it's made from just one farm in Åhus, Sweden and also distilled in copper barrels, which leaves a tingle of acidity to the "bite" of the vodka.  It's a distinguishable taste and something that is unique with vodka as most companies don't use copper for their production anymore.
After we added our Absolut Elyx we got to choose our favorite accompanying alcohol and garnishes.
Somehow the bartender read my mind and chose this Spanish {my favorite place ever} Cordial with hints of vanilla and citrus, Licor 43, and I chose raspberries for my garnish.
The copper pineapple is significant because pineapples are a symbol of welcoming and the copper goes along with the copper production of this particular vodka.
back at the table we stirred our martinis {Stirred NOT Shaken} because by stirring with the proper stick and technique you can get the temperature more consistent and add less air to your drink.  There's not really a right or wrong here, just preference.
Stephanie's included St. Germain and an orange peel.
We both enjoyed our drinks!
And even ordered more!

For more information on the release of Absolut Elyx check out their website or instagram.
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