Tuesday, November 17, 2015

How to remove labels off of wine bottles "naturally" {thirtieth birthday party prep.}

 This weekend is my thirtieth birthday party and  I'm having a 1920's gypsy carnival theme.  Which I know might not make any sense but actually looks really awesome inside my brain {wish you all could be here}.  Leading me to the point of my post! I needed to strip the labels off of about 20 wine bottles, so I could have some magical centerpieces.  How did I do this you might ask?  We'll of course I'll be happy to share...
First, I ripped off as much of the labels as I could.  Then, I soaked the bottles in hot soapy water to really loosen up the glue and get the rest of the labels to slide off.
The really stubborn ones went into a vinegar bath after their soap soak and hung out while I rotated back and forth. 
Once I got the really sticky ones off I used a dull knife to scrape off the remaining glue! Most labels slid right off, but there were a few I had to keep rotating and soaking back and forth.
As you can see the Pellegrino labels slid off in one solid chunk but some of the other wine labels were more challenging.  In any case, a little bit of heat {hot water} and vinegar got the labels off, no goo gone and no harsh chemicals to dissolve the glue, my hands aren't even that dry and I was literally doing this for several hours today {since I had sooooo many to do}.
Ah, look at that! Aren't they pretty?  Can't wait to show you want I do with them at the party.

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