Friday, August 5, 2016

Kitchen Witch

Last week, I decided to bust out the herbs and make a batch of tincutures and teas to have for the fall.  I don't know what compelled me to make all the things, but I guess we're going to need them because I knew I needed to make them.
  I used the last of our vodka to make some elderberry tincture.  A tincture is a mix of herb and 80 proof alcohol to make a medicinal strength extract.  Vanilla extract is a common extract but it's for flavor, a tincture is NOT for flavor, it's for dense nutrients, so with this process, the minerals and nutrients are extracted ultra concentrated (there's a lot of plant material in the mix, dense and covered with vodka so there't no risk for mold).  Tinctures sit for about 6-8 weeks on average to extract fully. This is FRESH Tincture, the elderberry is so powerful it instantly turned the vodka this dark purple color.  I'm so excited to see how dark it is in 6 weeks when I strain it, This is my favorite tincture when we feel those cold germs, no one wants a runny nose or congestion.  Elderberry is known for it's drying properties, so it helps clear up those mucus membranes.
 Love to get in my kitchen witch mode with one of my favorite coffee mugs, what? am I the only one who believes coffee is pure magic? |sold out but link here|
 Something feels so authentic when I use my calligraphy nibs to make my labels, like I'm feeling the ink and it's more of an experience rather than just a label.  I believe in form and function.
 I also made detox tea in bulk because I believe the only thing that can heal our bodies is our bodies, but it needs the tools to do that, this blend of herbs has a sweet licorice flavor which normally I do not love, but a bit of bitter helps get it down, when I make tea in bulk to last 2-3 days I notice I actually drink it, where as if I make each cup individually I often forget to make it, at all.
 For lavender simple syrup, I use dried herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs (same for the elderberry above and hibiscus not pictured) for my herbal remedies and teas.  I never measure anything but have guidelines for how much of anything to add, above I accidentally poured too much lavender to my sugar and water but I added more water and reduced it down to the flavor I enjoy.  I usually add this to my coffee weird, I know to relax on caffeine, but I enjoy the flavor, I also use this in cocktails like champagne and st. Germain.
a few jars to use over the next few months!  If you're interested in herbs but don't know where to start I highly suggest Medicinal Herbs..  I also love fellow blogger Herb Mother

What are your favorite sources for health and healing from the Earth?

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