Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sonja's Sixth Birthday {Mermaid Theme}

This past weekend, my tiny human turned six! While I don't have those feelings of time - like "how can she be six already?!" because I feel like she's been in my life forever, but more I just can't believe I was pregnant and gave birth six years ago!  That's what feels like just yesterday!  

Anyway, I've been too busy (and practicing saying no! but) I sort of put of prepping for this party, like in my head I knew I needed to plan the menu and make some stuff, but also life just kept happening.  I asked that people contribute food instead of gifts and my Father-in-law was generous enough to open his home so we could have a proper mermaid party with an actual pool, plus this meant I didn't have to have people in my under constant construction backyard.  Anyway,  here's a look at Sonja's sixth birthday....
At the last minute, Sonja requested balloons a giant six and mermaid colors // {thank you party city for call ahead orders!}.  Luckily, my sister was able to pick them up because I was a little busy with last minute details and food. // oh and look there in the background we took a piece of wood and added ribbons left over from my party and now it's hanging in their room
I really wanted to have coconuts and I spent the week hoping I could afford them because I knew I wanted a bunch but also they're like $5 a piece and that was not in my budget.  You can imagine my joy when I found coconuts on sale at sprouts {hooray for manifesting exactly what we want and need in our lives!}  Obviously, I bought almost a dozen, and my sister spent most of the party inside hacking them up so we could enjoy fresh coconuts!
you can see my happy dance here.// the girls helped me sew these bubbles and husband helped me cut them out - this party really was a team effort! 
My brother-in-law made mermaid juice for the kids {which was actually supposed to be blue natural dye but a chemical reaction with the lime must have changed it - would actually be a fun science project now that I think about it!}
Found instructions for how to make a shark watermelon on pinterest - I don't even like watermelon but this was too cute to pass up.
Also banana dolphins! // Grandma Margaret helped with these little guys.
and an octopus attempt with bell peppers and hummus // thanks for helping Macey 
Aunt Emmy made tea sandwiches with mermaid and sea shell cookie cutters and some epic faux crab cake sliders {they were vegan and I failed you all by not sharing a photo, I apologize}.
Birthday girl in her mermaid tail and ready to party!
I always try to get at least one photo of just the two of us! // thanks Sam.
This cake was epic!
My friend Stephanie made it and I love it SOOOO much, she put in so much effort and detail.
Purple mermaid on the side as per Sonja's request.
Her friend got her this amazing Shine a light book which uses a flashlight to show the outline of the human body from the back side.  She loves science so this human body one was a perfect gift.  Even though I always ask no gift, people are too generous and she was so excited about her new leotard outfits and toys.  I know I hate more stuff in my house, but it does bring her joy so I'm working on finding balance and also practicing gratitude.  So huge than you to everyone who picked something special out for this little girl.
And just like that, the party was over, whoa, what a whirlwind.  Thanks for stopping by! Hope you found some fun mermaid projects for your future party planning!  

Do you plan themes for your kids parties? What are your favorite resources for party prep?!

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