Saturday, May 20, 2017

Guest Bedroom Reveal {featuring Modern Map Art}

I'm so excited, to finally have completed our proper guest room.  And thanks to Modern Map Art for sending us the perfect PHOENIX map for our guest room! This was our former master bedroom, and then we had friends living with us for about six months and they painted it this beautiful navy blue.  When they moved out, we decided to stay in our new larger bedroom, but I wasn't sure what to do with this space.  I knew if I used it as an office or studio (I had to down size drastically and am currently working outside), it would get cluttered and out of control, so I opted for a minimalist guest room, we're listing the house on airbnb (use this code for $40 off your first booking) to help finance more travel and Husband going back to school this fall (he took a few years off before going back to medical school but as life has changed and we want to focus on our kiddos, he decided nursing would be a better investment - I'm so excited for him to start his nursing program this fall but more on that in another post!)  Anyway, here's a look at our minimalist master guest bedroom:
 I love this bed frame, I wanted a vintage one, but was totally overwhelmed by the options or lack there of so when I found this one on wayfair (use promo code: AC4D24814B40 for $10 off your first $50 order) I knew it was a perfect compromise.  I spent a week ripping the 90s tile out of this room to reveal this beautiful red stained concrete hiding underneath, we didn't even need to stain or seal the concrete it's just that perfect and beautiful.  
This room has a newly partially renovated bathroom which I'll share in another post but it used to have a pocket door which we hate so we used a curtain instead and it makes the room feel a little more open and air-y.  The PHOENIX map is one of the few pieces of art in the room - I have a tendency to over decorate a space, so just this and a few weaving by local artists are on these walls.  This one is actually by Sonora Handmade (Jenny actually donated this one to my classroom for a weaving unit I taught my art students, but during the summer I take it home for safe keeping). 
Isn't this map perfect for a guest room, I love vintage maps and new cities!
And of course I couldn't have a guest room without some greenery, Sonja picked out this plant with these contrasting leaves. 
And we moved Husband's Record Player is in here, this is a super calming space so we can just relax in here when we don't have people staying with us.  
What albums should I add to our collection?
What do you think? am I missing anything? What do you look for in a guest room?

My biggest requirements when staying somewhere are, in this order, clean, especially crisp fresh sheets, a beautiful bathroom - I promise that's the next home tour, and the more plants and art the better.

Thanks Modern Map Art for the free poster, it's the perfect addition to our guest room, and I wouldn't share this product with you all if I didn't think it was awesome.  

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