Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Spooky Session 2019

Took my kids and nephew out from some fun halloween photos.  I have really been trying to create more photography for ME not just clients.  Focusing on telling stories & creative expression.  I asked the kids if they wanted to get dressed up for photos and then took them to goodwill for some costumes and props.  We had a lot of fun getting ready, braiding their hair and painting their nails, I love that I can share my creative processes with them and they're included in my work. I used to never show their full faces on the blog or social media but as they've gotten older and we've had more dialog with what they're comfortable with, I've started allowing a bit more of their presence on social media at their request. Anyway here's a look at our fun session in color, full spooky work on my professional site;
//mugs from Target, how many cauldron mugs is too many? asking for a witch?
//goblet and costume//from goodwill
//goblet from goodwill// costume from costco 2018
//nephew on loan complements of wayne and gretchen.
//spider webbing .99 cents from goodwill.
gaze deep into our eyes. // crystal balls from here (large) and here (small)
candy is in our future.
cheers witches. 
real life bunny to bless our session. // cow spine found in northern Arizona. 
Ring around the webbing.
pockets full of candy.
witches. witches.
we're all tied up!
finishing with full moon reflections. 


Monday, September 23, 2019

Keith Haring Inspired Art Lesson (k-8)

I recently started teaching Art full time at a small private school and have been increasing my resources for lower and middle school art.  I honestly struggled with ideas for lower school last year, because it's been so long since I've taught lower school and it's a completely different skill set, concept and attention demographic.  This year I decided to incorporate more books for kids about artists into my introduction section of class each day.  This week we focused on Keith Haring and his radiating figures. And I actually remembered to snap a couple images of student work.  We read the book, Keith Haring The Boy Who Just Kept Drawing. And since I'm reading so many books to the kiddos this year, I checked with the Phoenix Public Library and they had it.  I checked it out on my own account.  Which is always a risk with so many tiny hands looking at it, but thankfully we went incident free and the kids loved reading this book.  I even read it to my middle school group up to 8th grade, and they all seemed to enjoy it and practice something new in his style. Here's a look at their work and the results of the lesson.
above // lower school projects
above and below // middle school student work.

Friday, September 6, 2019

San Diego August 2019 Photo Journal

To celebrate my brother in law's birthday we joined family and friends in San Diego for the weekend.  The Husband always says how much he hates SD but I didn't want to miss out on the fun and was craving the ocean.  So I decided to drag the family along.  Turns out he actually likes San Diego just hates Mission Beach - where my mom loves to book a beach house every Summer.  It's crowded and dirty, but the rest of SD has so much more to offer.  Culture and Coffee.

Our first stop was at Subterranean Coffee Boutique.  A cute little coffee shop in North Park community.  

I tried the Horchatte latte because life is coffee and cinnamon. 

Henna by my other brand; La Luna Henna.

Here's a peek at our breakfast we took to go, and ate on our patio at our AirBNB.

After Breakfast we headed towards the beach in La Jolla, our first attempt was a bit of a fail, we couldn't find parking near where we wanted to go so we parked up a hill and walked down to where we thought would connect with the beach. Turns out there wasn't anything except for cliffs waiting for us there.  We got a great view of the pier and some waves.  We saw plants and flowers, but alas, no beach so along we went, hiked back up the stairs and drove to another location with hope in our hearts. 
After getting back to the car and driving to a new spot we found a trailhead that for sure lead to a beach.  No cars allowed but a paved road to lead us down to the water.  The hike down wasn't too bad but the hike out did suck all of our energy.  I think it wasn't even a mile though, so maybe we're all just out of shape, or maybe just me, I'm out of shape.  At the trash cans just before the final decent into the beach we found an inflated donut and I picked it up for the kids to use in the water.  It was the best find and freebie of our trip.  I have a lot of stress in my life, but dang do magical gifts always find a way to me.  
 // waves.

barefoot sandals // knotty by choice // not sponsored. 
Back at our airBNB we had the most beautiful flowers blooming in the garden, I have no idea what type of flowers these are but they were huge and I'm obsessed with them.  Doubt they would grow in Phoenix, but I'm not opposed to trying.
Also, when in Southern California,  I pretty much only eat burritos.  The Mexican food is authentic and tastes better than anything I've ever had anywhere else in the states.  Finding a good local place is key for the best results.  This shop was in our neighborhood in North Park and it's called Mauricio's Number 3.  They don't have a website or instagram so don't even try, but you can find them on google and yelp.  I included images below so you can see how full their burritos are. 

Guac was extra, but I'm worth it.

Okay, so after the burritos we spent the afternoon relaxing before BBQing for Wayne's Birthday.  The reason we booked this airBNB was because of the yard and deck, it was so gorgeous outside and we made sure to enjoy every second of it. 

HBD Wayne.
 Our last morning I checked out Dark Horse Coffee also in North Park because it looked like a simple coffee shop with DONUTS! You know I live for coffee and donuts.  Anyway.  I got a salted maple latte with oat milk and I have dreamed about it everyday since.  I also got an assortment of donuts to bring back to the house to share because I'm awesome. 

The donuts are from Skinny Donuts and include churro, taro (purple potato from Hawaii) and mango.  They were all amazing and I also dream about them daily. 

Let's go back.
After we checked out of our airBNB we headed into Downtown San Diego for some juice and exploration.  

We stopped at Choice Juciery and I found my new favorite super food, it's called Blue Majik and is a blue extract from spirulina.  This blend has coconut, coconut butter, Himalayan salt and Majik giving it the color pictured.  I loved it so much I went home and ordered the powder so I can make something similar at home. 

After walking around downtown, and checking out a park near the water and sail boats we opted to head into Old Town San Diego, which is a bit touristy to be honest, but also really cool since it's got the historic mission vibes and the streets are packed with Mexican street vendors selling little purses, toys and food.  We got dinner to go from Old Town Mexican Cafe.  Women were making tortillas fresh in the windows so it felt legit.  Our food was so good I forgot to take a photo because we ate it so quick. 

So, as it turns out, Husband does in fact like San Deigo, as he realized when we were leaving.  He kept trying to think of new things to do before we headed back.  I think next time we can actually plan to stay longer and find more food and fun.