Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dining Room Before and After

So here is one of my D.I.Y. projects. This is our Dining Room as viewed from the Kitchen. I will have more befores and afters from throughout the house, but for now, here goes...



We moved into this house just under a year ago. The kitchen was one of my first projects. Armed with our tax credit $$, I set out to Home Depot and purchased paint in almost every color for various rooms in the house. For the kitchen, I used Pure White by BEHR, and Crisp Green for the accent walls. I had the help of a few friends for this project, including; Brittany, Gretchen, Jessica and my Helpful Husband. The first thing to do was to get rid of that gross desk thing in the right corner. After that, move the oversized, under-appealing "china" cabinet to Goodwill. And finally, remove those saloon style sliding doors. Once all that was done, we prepped the walls and cabinets with TSP soap. Then, we taped all the baseboards and ceiling lines. Finally, we started painting... and painting. This portion of the Dining room took about 2 days working on the project at various times, allowing for drying in between coats. Of course, the room wasn't totally done, after just painting, it took me a few more weeks/months to actually move everything into the room and get the placement just right. Details from the "After:" the bookshelf was given to us by an old neighbor in Tucson, originally wood, I painted it white. The Painting was done by yours truly (as well as the metal apron you see peeking out from the lower left corner), and the table was a deal from a friend who was moving to Israel! We (my Husband) also added that dividing door to keep our dogs out of the side room that it leads into. This is one of the few rooms officially complete in our home, most of the others are still slightly works in progress. Happy!

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