Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall is Here! (2nd Post of the Day and It's Not Even 9am.)

Well at least it [fall] was here this morning. I bought this outfit over a month ago and now I can finally wear it. Now, that it was less than 80 degrees this morning. We'll see how long this cooler-than-fucking-hot front sticks around. But here's my outfit:

American Apparel Dress Henley (Navy)
Old Navy Leggings (Brown)
American Eagle Ballet Flats (Brown and Gold)

In other news, Husband and I were attacked by ants in our sleep. Somehow, I escaped bite free. Two days ago we woke up to a few ants in our room on our window seal, and I freaked out. The most toxic thing we had in the house was simple green. We were able to kill all the buggers, but they must have evolved or snuck in a different way because around 3 am this morning, I noticed I was itching myself a lot in my sleep and finally Husband woke up and was checking his side of the bed.
I was like, "You have ants on you too??"
and he tried to down play it by saying, "Oh no, I was just checking to see if they came back"
but when I told him, "They're all over me."
He was like, "Oh yeah, me too, but I didn't want to freak you out."


We still only had simple green and windex so this time he used the windex and duct taped the frame of the window. Still not sure if that's how they got in, but I washed all the sheets this morning and if there are ANY ants in my room when I get home tonight, I will be sleeping in the baby's room until we KILL THEM ALL. (unfortunately, I have a feeling we're going to have to use toxic chemicals to do the job). There are ants already all over the back yard, which is fine, I promised them I'd fill the compost for them and they could live off that, AWAY from my home, and as long as they didn't bite me I wouldn't spray them. They still haven't bit me but they have bit Husband and the dogs- so they have to go :(

AND I almost forgot, there was this guy (see below) in our kitchen last night when we got home from dinner, thank god s/he didn't sting one of the pups.

Scorpions are my power animal so I wouldn't let Husband kill it, I made him trap it in a cup, and take it to work with him this morning to place in the desert.

Well, I think that's all for my randoms update and I hope you have a Happy Thursday!

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  1. Emily Schutsky was just wondering, as a student to your blog (: , what do you when schools are all "you're child has to get vaccines to come to school arggg"
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    Jennifer de Phoenix em, we're most likely home schooling. I guess I should have mentioned that. or if in the near future I can find a small school that is natural based maybe we could send the kid there- I thought it was funny the blog that inspired this pos...
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