Monday, September 20, 2010

Momma Monday No. 6

38 weeks down and 2 more to go... hopefully.

So my weekly update is a little jumbled this week. We did a lot this weekend and I jump from event to event, please ignore my poor writing skills and follow along the best you can :)

Baby Cupcake should be getting here early October, and this past weekend was spent getting the last minute items needed for our home birth and wishing my mom and my sister a late happy birthday at Chompies. Just look at their dessert case. Thank god I still have some self control or my sugar cravings might have won...

As for the necessary items for baby; last week, I got my home birth kit, which includes the items listed here:
I feel really good about having those items on hand, (even though I'm not sure what half of them are for) and really being ready for this baby to be delivered here at our house.

Also, this weekend, we went out to dinner with my Father-in-law (to True Food), and had a really great time. I got the Edamame Dumplings and Andy's Favorite "TLT," both really good veggie options. We talked about family and parenting and other great stories. He also ended the night with a nice gift for the baby. He had mentioned to us earlier if we needed anything for the baby to let him know and they'd get it for us... but I didn't really have any big item that we needed, so I never asked. But, he gave us a nice little donation, and I got the following:

Essential Oils (a must have for natural deliveries)

Spare towels from Goodwill, for the water birth (not sure if I'll deliver in the water but I definitely will be getting in and out of the tub and shower during the labor).

Extra receiving blanket, since we'll go through a few.

and these:
a super cute color Cloth Diaper Cover:

Cloth Diaper Starter Kit (even though we already have some, this was the best deal for 6 pack of these two colors and some extra cloth liners):

and of course some more Extra Cloth Liners:

Until this weekend I was starting to have some anxiety about being prepared and having enough diapers, clothes, blankets and what not... but thanks to Grandpa-to-be's donation I feel confident we have everything we'll need. Except, maybe, an actual tub. I'm still trying to decide if we should rent a birthing tub, replace the tub in our guest bathroom (the only tub in the house, and it's over 50 years old) or just get a cheap fix with a kiddy pool... but more on that another day once I make a decision.

Oh, and yesterday an old friend from high school came by with gifts for the baby;

Massage Bar (a lotion-y bar that melts as you rub it on- AMAZING)

The indents and bump on this bar are meaningful and precious, the significance is that one out of every 4 babies is born with an outie. How cute!

An Organic 3-6m Tee

How sweet is she?! We sort of lost touch through college but she's amazing and funny and she offered to babysit, I'm hoping to see a lot more of her!

Thanks Grandpa-To-Be and Ashley!!

Oh and before I forget, here's what I'm looking like these days (oh check out those swollen feet!):

Happy Momma Monday! Hope you're all enjoying my weekly updates:)

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