Tuesday, September 21, 2010

That's Swell,... Just Swell.

I may have outdone myself.

I got home yesterday and felt GREAT. I was feeling artsy and had a sketch and an idea... but I'm keeping them secret for another post. Anyway, I thought, I'm going to paint! and paint, I did. Outside. In the Heat. opps. I guess standing in the heat, although staying hydrated, and painting did a number on my body, because when I came inside, I realized my feet were 3 times as big as usual.

Husband poked them as a joke, and they didn't puff back out. They stayed indented! It really freaked me out, not to mention the fact that my weird rib/muscle/hernia? has been bothering me all weekend. He got me some ice packs and I kept my feet up as you can see in this photo:

but it wasn't really helping all that much... so, finally I called my midwife. She asked me a series of questions to make sure that it wasn't anything to be concerned about. Once she was sure I was safe and just swelling like a normal 38 week pregger she gave me some natural remedies:
1. get in the bath. add Epsom Salt. Soak. For 20-30 minutes. In low but comfortable heat.
2. steam a zucchini (I had Husband do this). Drink the zucchini steam juice.

I took the bath and here's my steam juice (in my "new" thrifted GIANT Kerr jar):

My feet are looking better, but yikes, they were so full and swollen they were jiggling as I walked. I better be a bit more careful when getting artsy outside or my feet might explode.

Anyway, I Hope your Tuesday is Swell :)

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