Thursday, September 30, 2010

Topless Thursday


It sucks.

Literally and Figuratively.

Well, maybe just literally. It's been almost a week since our arrival of lil Cupcake and she's been feeding non-stop. When we first started she had a hard time latching to the left boob. I was not producing as much milk and she was being lazy. However, she has adapted well and is feeding off both regularly. But they're sore, so sore. I knew this was to be expected (they've never had someone sucking on them for hours a day before) and also knew that everyone said breastfeeding should not be painful- so I was a bit concerned about how "painful" it was at first. I had my midwife check her latch to make sure she was feeding properly and she is, but they're still sore. My mom told me when she started breastfeeding her doctor told her that many women quit in the first 2 weeks beacuse of this discomfort, but that she should read a breastfeeding book and get support (glad to hear of a doctor supporting breastfeeding over formula!). And there is a difference; it's uncomfortable not painful. The sensation is strange and it's uncomfortable when she starts, but once she's going I don't feel pain just a tugging sensation. Anyway, Husband picked me up some lanolin cream and I've been going topless around the house. Which has lead to a very close family dynamic here since my brother-in-law is living with us and we've had friends and family around a lot. I think the people who've seen my boobs this week has tippled their lifetime exposure. Kind of awkward (for them- I couldn't care less). It just hurts too much to wear clothes.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share the experience of breastfeeding so far, in case anyone reading this is considering breastfeeding. Don't be shocked when it's uncomfortable. Do contact a lactation consultant to check the feeding - in order to prevent problems later. Don't give up if you're sore, ask for remedies to soothe your discomfort.

Also, this is a great book for anyone thinking about breastfeeding Ina May's Guide to Breastfeeding.

Happy Thursday!

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