Friday, October 1, 2010

Functional Friday No. 9

This week I'd like to discuss the functionality of a toaster oven.
In our house we don't have a microwave. I don't trust them. I know they're safe according to all government and big businesses but they still freak me out. Using non-visible rays to cook food sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie. We use a toaster oven for everything you'd use a microwave for. We heat up left overs the same way their cooked originally or we "toast" them. The toaster oven has several settings, warm, bake, toast. Depending on what we're reheating or cooking we use various settings. I like to use toast for everything but Husband prefers the warm setting. The best part of a toaster oven is that if you use it for baking small meals or items you save a bunch of money by using less electricity. You don't have to heat up a huge oven AND you don't have to cool your house down while baking. If you are still using a microwave, I'd suggest picking up a toaster oven and start transitioning. That way you still have the comfort of microwaving some items (you aren't comfortable cooking otherwise).

We just don't KNOW what effect microwaves have, long term. I simply don't trust all the studies done by a bribe-able government and big businesses.

Our Toaster Oven in use (on the "warm" setting)

All of the common items we used to microwave include:
Popcorn- buy the bulk bag of kernels, use olive oil in a stove top pot and follow instructions to pop your own corn. These fresh kernels are so much tastier and they're not covered in tons of mock butter. Add a few dashes of salt and you won't be disappointed. PLUS ITS CHEAPER
Heating up water (for teas, oatmeals and such) - you'll need a tea pot. or you could even just use a regular pot and pour carefully.
Leftovers- heat these on a plate in the toaster oven, be careful the plate will be hot! or prepare them the same way you did when you cooked them the first time. (NO MORE RUBBERY LEFT OVERS!!)

Happy Functional Friday!

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