Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Kiss Me, Kiss Me, I'm Alison"

It took me a good hour to track this bad boy down: We had it on our netflix but thanks to the very "long wait" I had to go and find it. I figured buying it was the best choice, since I'm sure we'll want to watch it again next year. I had to call 3 Targets and check in at a Best Buy before finding it. They had it at the Target on 7th Street on Bell, but it was the LAST one when I called, I had them set it aside.

While walking back to the Electronics department, I saw this:
WTF?! Target?? It's not even Halloween yet, let alone Thanksgiving!!

Enjoy the next few days of October, because the Christmas Season is about to be shoved down your throat :)

Happy Thursday.

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