Friday, October 29, 2010

Functional Friday No. 13

Re-usable Water Bottles.

I love my water bottles (the red one is my sisters though, and my green one is hiding in my room; not the fridge). They are great for staying hydrated and for not toxifiying my water, like plastic does. I buy Sigg brand, because all things Swiss are great. And because they are super cute designs. And because they're well made. The water bottle on the left is from Cost Plus, World Market. I got it as a gift but you can see the design is wearing off and the wide mouth makes it kind of hard to drink from. The glass bottle on the left is a re-used juice bottle (I only buy food in glass containers- when possible). I soaked it in bleach water to remove the smell of the cranberry juice and any remaining sugars in order to prevent mold and such. The point is, you can use a recycled glass bottle or metal one, but reusing a water bottle instead of a plastic one is better for everyone!

p.s. I custom made one for Husband at Cafe Press

Happy Functional Friday!

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