Tuesday, November 9, 2010

DIY Yard Projects

We're working on our landscaping now, and we're slowly making some progress.

Here's the Befores and Afters from the house looking towards the street:

Here's the B/A from the street looking towards the house:

One of the reasons I liked this house was because of how big the front yard was. I like that I can plant lots of native plants and some food ones as well. I like that eventually I can construct some sort of seating area(s) to hang out and entertain at. I know it still needs a lot of work, but so far here't the breakdown of what we've done.

1. Home Depot; bought the bricks to create plant wells, bought the agave plants and the solar lights along the driveway, bought the aloe vera in the center/medium enclosure, bought the barrel cactus and small paddle cactus in the large enclosure.

2. Whitfill Nursery; got a gift certificate for Sonja's birth to plant her placenta tree and bought the Ocotillo - her placenta is underneath. bought the fire stick succulent in the small enclosure, bought the melt-y looking cactus in the large enclosure.

3. Weeded by Myself and Sister and Raked by Husband, he's been maintaining the yard since I set most of it up.

I still need to get a lot more plants, maybe some large rocks. I need a table and chairs. I need to line the outer edge with some sort of bush to create a plant wall for privacy. I need to create a labyrinth around the ocotillo so there is a spiritual journey on the path to visit it (I'll post pictures when I do this so you know what I'm talking about)

Anyway, there's my post on our yard for now. Got plant suggestions? comment!


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