Monday, November 8, 2010

Momma Monday no. 13

So much happened last week, but not all of it was good.


Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning, Sonja rolled herself over, in bed. She was nursing laying down and as she'd finish I pull away. But then, she would wake up and decide she wanted more. She would roll onto her side since birth, but now she can do it from back to tummy. She only does it in bed, though. I think it's easier in bed since it's so soft.

She also started giggling this week. She smiles and sort of coos at her black stripe, but also at my boob. I was wearing a black nursing bra so that might have looked interesting on my pale skin, either way she thought it was hilarious.

My Aunt Jenny brought over a bunch of stuff from Target. (see below) and now SLC has an even more elaborate wardrobe. Plus, I got a new diaper bag- that is now my regular purse but with a few extra diapers and such. Keep an eye out for a what's in my diaper bag post.


I rear-ended someone. With Sonja in the car. I'm a bad driver. I don't pay attention, BUT I WASN'T TEXTING OR ON MY PHONE. I've never caused an accident that required getting the insurance involved. I have a low deductible, so it's worth having them fix everything, even though there was no damage to my car (except a little plastic cover popped off) and the other car had a small dent in the corner of their bumper. Everyone was fine, thank god. And the other driver didn't call the cops so no ticket was cited. But, I felt like the worst mother in the world. The other lady made me feel a bit better when she told me she got in a car accident when she had her 10 day old baby in the car, and another woman who stopped told us she also got into an accident with her young baby. I guess new moms are easily distracted, I was distracted with all the target loot I was going to exchange for their little seed brand (all organic cotton) for some reason it was all in clearance.

Sonja has a cold. Actually, we both do. The difference is I can blow my nose. She screams and cries when we try to suction her boogers out. I keep trying to get one this morning and each time I try, I fail. She's breathing normal now, in her sleep so I guess I should just leave it alone.

Finally, she started to outgrow her "small" gdiapers. She peed through the leg of them 5 times a row in bed, while sleeping on her side. The next night I switched to her bummis diaper (she only has one because they are so expensive- but I just ordered more since the fit so well) and she didn't have any problems until I changed her at 5am. Then, she peed through the gdiapers again. They are supposed to fit until 14 pounds and she's only 10, and during the day they're fine. I'll be sad to make the transition though, she has some cute color gpants. I got a good deal on different brand of diapers for her next size up off so they're not quite as cute in general... in any case, I'm glad we stuck with the cloth diapers I love them way more than regular diapers and the laundry isn't that bad or even gross. Yay, for breast milk poops, way easier than formal babies' diapers I've changed while babysitting and such.

That's my Mommy week in review.
Happy Momma Monday!

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