Saturday, December 18, 2010

DIY Baby Clothes Sorting

What you'll need:
boxes or bags (reuse shower gift bags like myself or find something else to reuse)
labels (I reused old envelopes with the wrong return address on them)
unwanted or too small baby clothes.

What you'll do with them:
Label what you want to do with the clothes. I labeled mine; Keep Unisex, give to friend GIRL, Sell, Sell (spring/summer), Keep GIRL. This way I was able to keep anything really meaningful for a boy or girl and the really sentimental girl stuff (even if we don't have more kids I can give Sonja her GIRL clothes). If we do have more kids I can bust out the unisex box or bag and have a wardrobe almost instantly. For some of the good quality stuff that just wasn't my favorite I rotated between selling and giving to a friend. I had a friend send me a lot of clothes so I figure I should pay it forward and do the same. I also need to earn so extra cash to upgrade her clothes. So to be fair I divided up the clothes evenly between the two. When sorting to sell, I have two bags one for cool weather clothes right now to sell and then another bag for summer and spring type clothes to sell when it's warmer. By doing this, I'm saving time at the 2nd hand store which will only take cute clothes in season. I'm a hardcore sorter and organizer, so you can see my enjoyment here. Plus, by doing this as she grows I'm never overwhelmed at the clothes pile I have to sort. Also, I just cleared out a whole drawer in her dresser for the next size up! I love organizing, it just makes me so happy.

Happy Saturday Sorting :)

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