Monday, December 20, 2010

Momma Monday no. 19

Sonja sat up this past week!

Husband tickled her while she was in my lap eating dinner and she she shot up out of reflex. Once she realized she could sit up she kept doing it. I got a video but due to husband's request I'm not posting it. SORRY.

Got the Moby Wrap figured out this past week! I bought it after the baby shower with Target money but I was a little overwhelmed by the thick instructional booklet. The Snuggli we have is pretty self explanatory but it's also very rigid and now that little Cupcake isn't so little (12 pounds!) I need something that distributes the weight more efficiently. The wrap is like a little cozy blanket, I like it wayyyy more!

Also, got Sonja's special order cupcake teether last week, kind of looks like a house, but I love it anyway. Find it on etsy by clicking here.

As you might have seen in my previous post, I've been sorting SLC's clothes. She's out grown most of her 0-3 month outfits and is working on her 3-6 month clothes now! Also, can I just rant for a minute about the stupidity of baby clothes sizing?! What is with some being 3-6, 6 months or weight?? if it says 6M that means it will fit her until about 6 months or that's when I should put her into the outfit?? when I compared weight some of them were more like start at 6 months and one said 6M (10-15lb) but Sonja was 10 lb at around 2 months... not 6. Anyway, it would make sooo much more sense to just do it by weight since all babies are different and not all 6 month olds weigh the same. Just a thought. Or maybe this should be enough of a reason to get me to make her clothes myself... we'll see.

Went to a breastfeeding class hosted at my Midwife's Birthing Center Babymoon Inn on Thursday. Sonja and I went to support the future moms in their breastfeeding efforts. We shared our experience breastfeeding and apparently Sonja did have a bit of a latch issue which she self corrected as her mouth got bigger. I was in a lot of pain the first 2 weeks of breastfeeding. When she would first latch, I would wince but then she'd eat and that discomfort would fade. I guess I should have called a lactation consultant but I'm stubborn and that pain was bearable so I just kept going, plus when my mom mentioned that the first 2 weeks are the hardest I believed her. Now, I now for next time :)

Sonja was 12 weeks on Friday! And, obviously, we're still breastfeeding. I can't believe some people only do it for 6 months (like my mom) that would mean I'm half way done with that experience. This bonding time is so special, I think my heart will break when we're done with it. I love feeding her and she holds my hand and looks up with her loving, thankful eyes. I think it's a wonderful experience and I plan on letting her self wean but I also have a goal of at least 1 year hopefully to 2 years. The amount of medical evidence of breast milk and it's health benefits for both mother and child are unbelievable! I want her to be the healthiest possible person. And she'll have to be, since were not vaccinating. Did you know there are stories of breast milk curring cancer and prolonging cancer patients lives? Google it.

Saturday was my second yoga class and it went well. I had to go to child's pose more often than I liked but it was an advanced class, and I did pretty well; considering I hadn't been in over 11 weeks.

Sunday, my bestest friend (well one of them) came in to visit from Denver. I love her and miss her tons. She's my creative other half. I'm at a loss for creative inspiration without her and also, yoga buddyless. One day I hope for her and few other friends and family members to finally meet back up on a huge plot of land that we tend and live off of... hopefully in the not too distant future. It would be wonderful to have a small community of artists and like minded people together. I can't wait for it! Anyway, this bestest of mine hadn't met Sonja. But how could you not love her?! She actually bought her the cutest second hand Juicy Couture jump suit. It was Sonja's first Christmas present- even though it was from someone who doesn't even celebrate Christmas. We (Alex) made dinner and I drew! Seriously, my other creative half. I was able to actually draw a pretty cute picture while hanging out and holding Sonja (below is the work in progress, I've actually drawn more since I took it). So thankful for her to be able to visit. I really enjoyed her visit and dinner. Hopefully, I get more time with her this week before she leaves.

Do you like it so far?

Happy Momma Monday!

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