Friday, December 24, 2010

Functional Friday No. 19

Receiving Blankets.
More specifically receiving blankets as changing station covers.

So, I originally wanted a changing station cover from target, I was going to get a pink one if we had a girl or blue one for a boy. Well, I ran out of target gift money quicker than I thought and had tons of blankets I wasn't using for anything. That, combined with the fact that Sonja would pee EVERY time we'd change her diaper led me to this brilliant idea.

I pre-line the pad with blankets and each time she gets a change and she pees (which happens less often now that we're potty training) I just pull off the top blanket and the new one is underneath. This also works well for when she poops in the toilet but I still have to wipe her- sometimes theres a little mess on her bottom and this way I just remove the blanket she was laying on. BEST NEWS: it's free and it's reusing.

Happy Functional Friday!

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