Thursday, December 23, 2010

Natural Changing Station

I thought I'd share my Cupcake's little changing station:

Above, kerr jar with water in it. organic cotton cloth wipes. olive oil. ball jar with corn starch in it. (in the background: my mother's and siblings' baby scale- cute right? it's over 50 years old!)

The above ingredients are all you really need for a healthy diapered baby.

Directions: take cloth wipes, dip in water, squeeze. wipe bottom. use corn starch in place of baby powder (speaking of which, have you ever read the ingredients on baby powder? yeah, some of those items are caustic, meaning bad for you, meaning they get into your baby and your lungs and can cause cancer or other illnesses), if your baby has a rash or is slightly red or at your discretion rub some olive oil on their bottom instead of the corn starch, it will help relieve slight irritations and also moisturizes their delicate skin. Wash your cloths with a earth friendly skin friendly detergent (we use 7generations detergent) and reuse.
Seriously, parents, it's that easy. Plus, think about how much money you save by reusing these clothes as opposed to buying disposable wipes that have been coated in who knows what?!

Happy Diaper Changing!

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