Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Community Garden

So, I've been thinking about this a lot lately.

I have a decent size back yard, that is more than half dirt.  I've prepped a small area for a garden (the image above) but need time, money, planter soil (our top soil isn't the best) and some community involvement to get the rest of the area going.  So, Phoenix friends (in real life or otherwise) I'm opening my back yard up to the opportunity of a community garden.

Right now I have what I'll consider 2 shares invested in the garden.
To invest in a share you will need to donate 3-5 ORGANIC seed packets, and 2 bags (or the cost) of Organic PLANTER soil (not to be confused with potter's soil) if you want more than 1 share you just multiply these requirements by the amount of shares you want.

I will cover the cost of water.
You can come pull weeds with me or not.
You can help pick fruits and veggies or not.
You can bring your compostable items and add them to my compost to help our future produce grow or not.

I will keep track of who invested what seeds and I will divide the produce accordingly based on contributed shares.

This is similar to community supported agriculture or CSA but I'm taking it one step further, as you will physically be welcomed to help maintain the garden (if I know you, or if you are referred by someone I know in real life).

I have 12 shares open as of 2/21/2011.  It is important that any and all friends interested email me here as soon as possible as the spring planting season is upon us.

I can not guarantee that we will get a lot of crops but if we do you will have the freshest, pesticide free, organic produce available to you.

Yay, for Community Gardening!

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