Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Garden Update February 2011

This past weekend we got a lot of rain.  And for the desert that means ANY.  It rained both Saturday and Sunday.  I've been meaning to, for the past few weeks, to get my seeds into the ground; but with fear of one last frost, I've been procrastinating.  Anyway, the rain was inspirational and I put on some shoes and my husband's North Face jacket (thanks JXN!) and got to work.  In the rain.  I had already prepped the soil (with some organic store bought planter soil) so it was damp for planting the seeds.  I labeled the popcicle sticks with the plants I was sowing and followed the directions on the packets.  I'm excited to see how they come in.  I planted 3 seeds in each hole and will cull the 2 weakest plants as they mature.  This is a permacultre practice that allows you to grow the most food in the smallest space.  And while I'm not a fan of agriculture (hunting and gathering is the best!), I do live in an urban environment, so I make it work.  Some of the seeds should sprout in as short as 7-10 days!  You can bet I'll keep you posted as the plants come in :)

This is the front yard's herb garden I also started a few weeks ago, the only thing to start coming up is the spinach which I planted in those 4 little black pots.  And I just noticed the fennugreek is sprouting as well.  Bur, I'm still waiting on the rest of the seeds to sprout!

Happy Gardening! 

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